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Nate Diaz’s Walkout Songs: List of Songs Nate Diaz Has Walked Out to in His UFC Career



Nate Diaz is returning to the octagon at UFC 263 after a long gap of 2 years. He is scheduled to fight Leon Edwards at the co-main event of UFC263. Before the fight let’s have a look at Nate Diaz’s walkout songs which he used in his past few fights. 

The Way I am : Nate Diaz legendary walkout 

The song is produced by the legendary rapper Eminem.  Nate used this in his last UFC fight against Masvidal at UFC 244 back in 2019. Since then he has been out of the octagon. 


Hate me now 

Nate walked out of this song when he fought at the co-main event of UFC 241 against Anthony Pettis. In addition to that, the younger Diaz later defeated his opponent via a Unanimous decision. Nate’s return was perfect and he called out Masvidal after winning over Pettis.The artist of the song is Carl Off.

Ambitionz Az a Ridah

This gangster walkout at UFC 202 is one of his fan’s favorites.  He fought the Notorious that night and lost by a majority decision. But, his fans still debate on the real winner.  The song was produced by famous music artist 2pac.  

Don’t make enemies with me part 2

Nate conquered Conor in this fight.  Conor couldn’t absorb his rear-naked choke only in round 2. Being is a 2pac fan he used one of his songs “don’t make enemies” for his entrance on the main event of UFC 196.

I am a soilder

Nate is a rap fan and this was again another 2pacc’s song. Well, this was one of the best and biggest fights he ever fought. The lightweight title was in the line. His opponent Benson Henderson came out victorious in the bout.  The fight was back in 2012 at UFC in fox. This Nate Diaz Walkout was the best of all, in addition to that, his brother Nick cornering him was a great sight for the fight fans.  

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