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Brooklyn Nets Snatch the Game Away from Bucks as Kevin Durant and James Harden Come Clutch

Brooklyn Nets win the much anticipated matchup against the Milwaukee Bucks tonight 123-125 in the final few seconds. The game intensity was off the charts in the fourth quarter with the lead changing after every shot. Kevin Durant and James Harden played selflessly and came clutch to record the fourth straight win for the Nets. This victory will certainly change the standing in easter conference significantly.

In Kyrie Irving’s absence, James Harden assumes the point guard position efficiently and shined as the primary playmaker in the game. He scored 34 points and added 12 assists to the stat sheet, one which came in the final few seconds of the game that gave the Brooklyn Nets their final lead. Kevin Durant, despite a poor shooting night, had 30 points and 6 assists tonight. He drilled the clutch 3 with 50 seconds left on the clock which ensured the victory for the Nets. However, the turnovers this duo combined for is concerning for Steve Nash.

A selfless first half by Kevin Durant and James Harden to give Brooklyn Nets the lead

Both teams went back and forth constantly in the first quarter with the Nets leading initially. Every time the Nets took a considerable lead, Milwaukee Bucks were right there to cut it down and tie the game. Kevin Durant didn’t seem to miss a shot from the incredible plays set by new teammate James Harden. However, surprising 3P shots by Brook Lopez and Giannis Antetokounmpo gave the Bucks an uncontested lead towards the end of the quarter.

James Harden pulled up from the 3P line to record his first three of the game after a slow start offensively in the first. With a floater soon after the 3-pointer, Harden cut the deficit to only 3 points. Brooklyn Nets took over the game in the second quarter despite poor shooting by Kevin Durant. With plays set up by James Harden KD Jeff Green and Joe Harris gave Nets the lead. While Nets are sharing the ball, Giannis and Khris Middleton were the only players with double-digit figures so far.  Jrue Holiday and Donte DiVincenzo have forced turnovers for the Nets effortlessly.

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Brooklyn Nets vs Milwaukee Bucks
Brooklyn Nets vs Milwaukee Bucks (Image Courtesy: MARCA)

Milwaukee Bucks continue to make poor shot selection

James Harden yet again starts the third quarter with a floater and a three to give Nets a larger Lead. However, the surprise of the night were Jeff Green and Joe Harris who shot almost perfectly from the three-point line until that point. Although Nets stretched the lead to 8, back to back 3s by the Bucks cut the chase down. DeAndre Jorden pushed the lead back up with to dunks off of assists from James Harden.

Milwaukee made terrible shot choices in the third quarter unwilling to take midrange jumpers. They had two incredible steals however, they didn’t translate into fastbreak points because of poor shot selection. They could’ve easily taken uncontested floaters but they chose to pull up from the arc and missed shots. Giannis takes yet another bad shot late in the third from the 3P line however, a dunk by Jrue Holiday closes the quarter 89-94 despite an 11-point lead at one point in the game.

Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant (Image Courtesy: ESPN)

The last quarter on the other was quite intense. Brooklyn Nets’ defense collapsed in the fourth which translated into open dunks and mid-range for the Milwaukee Bucks. They managed to take the lead several times this quarter. Kevin Durant and James Harden made iso plays to given the Nets a 7-point lead at one point. The lead changed a record 20 times in this game, most of which came late in the fourth quarter. Kevin Durant missed a rare free throw however, his clutch 3-pointer saved the night for the Brooklyn Nets.

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