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“Dubnation let’s get it”: Klay Thompson finally reveals his return date in a hilarious Instagram post



Klay Thompson

Finally, Klay Thompson is returning. On Sunday night against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Thompson will play his first game after 30 months of break. Due to two ACL injuries, he had to miss two whole seasons. Needless to say, the Dubs struggled through those seasons. However, Curry was able to carry the team on his back but could not get it over the hump.

 Klay Thompson, today uploaded a post on Instagram saying “How I’m pulling up to chase tomorrow, Bill Murray is my spirit animal. I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE Y’ALL DUB NATION! LET’S GET IT”. With a video of the original Space Jam where Bill Murray comes and says to Jordan “Maybe I can be of some help”.

Even Stephen Curry re-posted the post on his story writing “He’s Back”


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Predicting Klay Thompson stats on his return after 30 months

As the 5-time all-star makes his return on Sunday against the Cavs after 30 months. One question that arises is Will he be able to perform high level again or not. The answer to that question is that Klay’s game is not really dependent on athleticism. He is a shooter and one thing you can never take from a shooter is his ability to find the bottom of the net. We saw Kevin Duran coming from an Achilles injury at full strength because his game is also based around shooting. Thus offensively Klay will be fine.

However, what makes Klay so special is his defensive prowess. He can and will take on the challenge to guard other teams’ best players.  In my opinion, that’ll be the only part of his game that will be affected. Due to an injury on his knee, he might not able to move quickly. The injury also plays a role, it can affect your mind and cause you to be more cautious towards your body which can prevent a player to go all out.

Thus after analyzing all the points, his stat line may be great as he is playing his first NBA game after 941 days. He might score 15 points on 10 shots. With all that being said, he might prove me wrong as he was made for these moments and can also go on a hot streak from three, after all, he is KLAY THOMPSON.