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NBA Finals: Recap of Jimmy Butler-LeBron James trash-talk in LA Lakers Game 3 Loss

Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat forced a double-digit victory Monday night over heavy title favorites LA Lakers. Heat was in control right from the beginning and outscored the Lakers by 11 to conclude the game. In the postgame press conference, Jimmy Butler discussed the trash-talking that ensued between him and LeBron James.

Despite the fact that Jimmy Butler said it in retaliation to LeBron’s comments earlier in the game, he had every right to trash talk him after basically carrying the Miami Heat on his shoulders last night. Although Bam Adebayo was cleared for Game 3 vs. the Lakers, he didn’t play and Miami’s offensive weapon Goran Dragic has been ruled out of the Finals due to planter tear in the left foot. Duncan Robinson and Tyler Herro struggled offensively last night scoring at 33.3% efficiency.

Butler made history by joining Jerry West and LeBron James as one of the few players to record a 40-point triple-double in a Finals game. He was poetry in motion last night and performed just as well defensively. He filled his stat sheet with 2 steals and 2 blocks all at 70% efficiency.

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Still unclear whether Jimmy Butler started it or LeBron James

After 9-0 in the fourth quarter to take the lead back to double digits, Jimmy Butler was seen enunciating the words “you are in trouble” in LeBron’s direction. When Butler was asked about it in the press conference by ESPN’s Rachel Nichols, he revealed that LeBron stated it in the first.

“You might think I am out there trash talking, but I am not. Bron said to be at the end of the first I said to him at the end of the fourth”

However, LeBron James denied that Jimmy Butler said it to him in retaliation. LeBron claimed he is not the kind of player who indulges in trash-talking, he lets his game do all the talking.

“Always been a guy who kind of let his game do the talking. For me personally, as long as it doesn’t get disrespectful, I’m fine with it. But I’ve never really started up a trash-talking dialogue. That’s just not me. I believe the way I play the game is enough trash talking in itself.” 

-per Silver Screen & Roll’s Harrison Faigen.

Even though LeBron put up great numbers in Game 3 he had 8 turnovers and Anthony Davis struggled offensively and gathered 5 turnovers as well. In addition, Danny Green went 0-6 and KCP couldn’t find his shot after an excellent performance in Game 2. Miami has either cracked the enigma that is the Lakers or it was a lucky win. Whatever may be the case, if Jimmy Butler continues to play like this, and Herro steps they might have a chance.

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