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NBA Finals: What Went Wrong for Phoenix Suns in Game 4 Against Milwaukee Bucks



Milwaukee Bucks Greek Freak shoots over Phoenix Suns Ayton

The Phoenix Suns lost game 4 of the NBA Finals to the Milwaukee Bucks. Giannis Antetokounmpo, despite injury, and Khris Middleton carried the Milwaukee Bucks to defend the homecourt.

The Milwaukee Bucks have now evened the series with the Phoenix Suns 2-2. Additionally, the Suns were unable to win a single game on the road, just like the Bucks. Therefore, The Phoenix Suns and now look to defend the homecourt in game 5. Game 4 went down to the wire with the Milwaukee Bucks winning 109-103. There are several reasons the Phoenix Suns lost this game. The most noteworthy ones are mentioned below

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So what went wrong for the Phoenix Suns vs the Milwaukee Bucks

Chris Paul- Chris Paul was clearly not himself in game 4 of the NBA Finals. The point god only scored 10 PTS 4 RBD and 7 AST. Additionally, he only shot 38% from the field. Chris made only 5 of the 13 shots he took. He also missed both three-pointers he attempted. To make matters worse, he also recorded no blocks or steals.

Phoenix Suns cp3 contemplates

Chris Paul didn’t even earn a single trip to the free-throw line in 36 mins of game time. Finally, he had 5 turnovers to lead the Phoenix Suns. Therefore, his poor shooting and careless handling of the basketball are what went wrong for the Phoenix Suns in game 4

Deandre Ayton- Ayton is the Center of the Phoenix Suns and is responsible for the maximum contribution of both ends of the floor. However,  Deandre Ayton scored only 6 PTS 17 RBD and 5 AST. Therefore, despite being efficient on the defensive end, he was lacking on offence. Ayton made 3 of 9 shots attempted.

Phoenix Suns Ayton on offense

This is simply the definition of underperformance for a young centre with his first chance to win a championship in the NBA Finals. Additionally, Ayton didn’t earn a single trip to the free-throw line despite playing for 38 minutes. This lacklustre performance led to the Suns losing game 5

Khris Middleton was otherwordly- Finally, a reason that does not purely rest on the shoulders of the Phoenix Suns. Khris Middleton was absolutely sensational for the Milwaukee Bucks. He led them on a fourth-quarter rampage where they outscored the Phoenix Suns 33-21.

Milwaukee Bucks Khris Middleton on offense

Khris Middleton finished the night with 40 PTS 6 RBD 4 AST and 2 STL. He shot 45% from the field making 15 of 33 shots. He also shot 37% from the three-point line making 3 of 8 three-pointers. Additionally, Khris also made 7 of his 8 free throws and had only one turnover in 43 mins of game time.

The Milwaukee Bucks guard Middletons efficient night along with an off night for Cp3 and Ayton were the primary reasons the Phoenix Suns lost game 4 to the Milwaukee Bucks.

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