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“If they’re concerned what I’m doing then I am doing something right”: Russell Westbrook Defends Himself Amid a Lot of Criticism for Poor Performance



Russell Westbrook
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Russell Westbrook has been the main focal point for LA Lakers down year. He has been the bud of the joke and he has been the one who is the reason for the Lakers’ losses according to the LA fans and rightfully so.

Russell Westbrook for the 5th season including this year has and will lead the league in turnovers. He is miles ahead in turnover in the league. Even though for the past few games he has limited his turnovers to 3 per game in 2022.

However, his shooting has been the worst of his career. In the month of January, he is shooting 32.8% from the field and a staggering 0% from three on 12 attempts. In the last 3 games, his field goal hasn’t been more than 30%. He shot 28% against Atlanta Hawks, 16% against the Grizzlies, and 14% against the Sacramento Kings.


Why Russell Westbrook is the problem this season

Westbrook has been a ball-dominant player throughout his life with the only exception when he played for the Houston rockets alongside James Harden.

However, since he joined the Lakers he has to share the ball with another ball-dominant player LeBron James.  Russ for the first in his career is the 3rd fiddle to Bron and Anthony Davis.

Russ only strived in Houston because he was surrounded by 3 point shooters. However now alongside LeBron and AD, the paint is packed with bodies. It’s just not a natural fit.

Even though Westbrook has been playing at an all-time low level, the Big 3 of Lakers are just not a fit. Him sharing the floor with AD and Bron gives him less option to kick out to a 3 pointer shooter and the same goes for LeBron.

However, not only the fit but him playing at an all-time low doesn’t help his case a bit. The one-time MVP is leading the NBA in turnovers, he is one of the worst jump shooter in the league. As a point guard, he is only shooting 66% from the arc. 

 is also one of the reasons for the Lakers’ bad defense. He is a ball watcher, whenever he is on defense his eyes are on the ball and not the man he is covering. Now, this might be speculation but many times he just leaves his man open to get closer to the basket to pad his stats and get closer to his Triple-Double reputation.