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Kevin Durant Makes a Bizarre Statement While Replying to an Online Troll



Kevin Durant responds to criticism

Kevin Durant is one of the greatest scorers in NBA History. He’s considered the 2nd best player of this decade behind LeBron James. KD’s career is filled with Hall of Fame-worthy accolades. He’s a former MVP, multiple time champion and All-star and All-NBA calibre superstar. Kevin has won it all but the one thing he hasn’t been able to master is being able to deal with hate. 

He is notorious for letting backlash get to him and he goes out of his way to respond to them. KD even made burner accounts to fight fans whilst supporting his name. But KD got caught in the act and everyone knew of the burners. 

Kevin Durant Admits He Still Uses Burner Accounts 3 Years After Getting Embarrassingly Caught

Nowadays Kevin does not use his fake accounts to respond to criticism but just does it with his verified socials. And he did all that very recently too.

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What did Kevin Durant Say? 

A radio personality with the Instagram handle @cuffsthelegend mentioned what he thought was the 5 greatest NBA Finals of all time. The list was

  1. 2016 Cavs vs Warriors
  2. 2013 Heat vs Spurs
  3. 1998 Bulls vs Jazz
  4. 1988 Lakers vs Pistons
  5. 2010 Lakers vs Celtics

He also added that the 2021 NBA Finals that is between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Phoenix Suns has been the best since 2016. 

Kevin Durant saw this post and commented on something controversial. He said that the Warriors vs Cavs in 2017 was better then them all. That was the year when a 73-9 Warriors team had just added Kevin Durant and beat the Cavaliers in 5 games. As far as competitiveness goes, this Finals was extremely underwhelming. KD insisted that both teams were evenly matched from ‘top to bottom’. 

This was was obviously an absurd take but was extremely comical. That gave meme pages free content. 


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Kevin Durant saw the jokes and continued responding. He commented 

As we see, Kevin Durant is one of those celebrities that ignore the hate. Instead of looking another way, he prefers to dive in headfirst. It does not harm anybody but it does provide comedic interactions. Will we ever see KD stop responding to hate? Probably not so we might as well enjoy this. 

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