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NBA Kicks: Here Are Some Of The Best Sneakers That Dropped During The 2020-21 Season



NBA: Father's Day

The fans notice everything a player does. From his pre game outfit to his war up, rituals and even his sneakers during the game. Basketball shoes or otherwise referred to as NBA Kicks are one of the most stylish shoes. They are bought by fans all over the world and sometimes players come up with unique designs and patterns on their shoe . The shoes are not all design alone, they also provide a player with support to carry his game better. Here  is a look at some of the most stylist NBA Kicks that dropped in 2020-21 season.

NBA Kicks: The KY-D

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving not only are a duo on court but also came together to put out a show for fans all over the world. The Ky-d will fall under the KD14 line. The shoe was inspired by a Kyrie 1 ‘dream’ collection and KD’s model for the KD14. They put the two together to give the sneakerheads Ky-D. The shoe dropped on the 20th of May this year.

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Russel Westbrook: Jordan Why Not Zer0.3

The Jordan Why Not Zer0.3 is Russel Westbrook’s lightest signature shoe. The shoe helps maintain balance through speed. It has a beautiful colorway and amazing engineering. The shoe also has an extremely huge Zoom Air-Pod. The shoe is a perfect combination of Speed and Style.

NBA Kicks: Kelly Oubre Jr’s Converse All Star Pro BB

Converse is known for it’s street fashion shoes. The brand however came up with the idea of re-entering the Basketball shoe market and released the All Star Pro BB. The shoe was designed by Eric Avar, the man responsible for creating Kobe’s Nike Line. The low slung cup sole is essential for premium lockdown and is one of the best sneakers for Basketball today.


NBA Kicks: Adidas Dame 7

The adidas Dame 7 is a shoe that has best been described by Damian Lillard’s game. Even with the extra cushioning, the shoe does not sacrifice on weight. It also doesn’t not reduce a player’s speed on court. The sole has a zig-zag pattern and gives amazing traction. The shoe is perfect to not let you ankle twist when you pull off a flashy handle.

Adidas Dame 7

NBA Kicks: Curry Flow 8

MVP Nominee, Stephen Curry came out with the Curry Brand this season. he dropped a shoe called the Curry 8 Flow. Like Steph’s game, the shoe is smooth and on point. The traction of the sole is concentrated on the middle to ensure your feet stay grounded. The Bi-directional fit and the 2 layers protects your feet while letting you move around freely. The shoe also has a wonderful cushioning that doesn’t hold you back while you are speeding on court. The colorways are also extremely attractive.

Curry Flow 8

These are few amongst the many shoes this season. What’s in store for next season’s sneaker heads? We will have to wait and see

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