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Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant Left Championship Teams to Win Absolutely Nothing

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are the stars of the Brooklyn Nets. They create an interesting dynamic on the court. They have been regarded as the most skilled dynamic duo we have seen in recent times. Even LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Tracy McGrady back that claim. However, these 2 players left their team because they had a chip on their shoulders and had something to prove. But are Kevin and Kyrie successful in what they want to achieve?

The Brooklyn Nets are currently playing in the first round of the NBA playoffs without a healthy Ben Simmons.

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving teamed up to fail

Kevin Durant was on the Golden State Warriors that did just make 5 straight finals appearances and won 3 of them. He was hated for giving up on the OKC Thunder. He was hated for joining the team that just beat him. And he was hated for joining the best regular-season team in NBA history. He wanted to clear that image and therefore felt that a change of scenery would do it. The way GSW handled his injuries is what pushed him to leave.

Kyrie Irving had a similar but less successful journey. He was the star of Cleveland after LeBron James left the first time. His impeccable dribbling made him a very attractive commodity.

When LeBron returned, Kyrie had to take the role of the number 2. It worked in their favor when they beat the Warriors. However, the image became that Kyrie was winning titles on the back of LeBron. Hence, Kyrie was leaving the Cavs to find a team where he could be the best, the Celtics.

They had common goals and attempted to fulfill them by teaming up in Brooklyn. Even if that meant leaving championship contenders.


KD and Kyrie’s attempt to win big

They joined the Nets in the 2019-20 season. That year KD did not play a single game and because of Kyrie’s stance, he did not take part in the bubble. The Nets lost in the first round of the playoffs that season.

The next season, the Nets stars played together but not many games due to more injuries. That season would have been a success but the Nets missed out by a couple of toes. Brooklyn had acquired Harden at that time. However, this season that acquisition caused a lot of drama leading to Harden getting traded. Kyrie was allowed to only play away games and KD was out with another injury.

They could have won multiple times in the last 2 seasons but did not because of the way they looked to persuade in their career. Would you leave a team that can get you a ring for a team that will let you star?

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