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LeBron James Is Very Much Involved in the Playoffs Despite Being Knocked Out in Regular Season

Lebron James is one of the greatest NBA players ever. He has been extremely durable for almost 2 decades in the sport. However, as he approaches year 20 of his NBA career, His ability to carry his team into contention has clearly failed towards the back end of his career largely due to injuries. He now sits at home watching the playoffs and reacting to it, just like everyone else.

Lebron is also the face of the league and has an incredible social following. Therefore, his comments and reactions never fall unnoticed. 

A look at LeBron’s playoff commentary

Lebron James is actually a normal human as well. Therefore, he is obviously quite disturbed about the fact that the LA Lakers couldn’t even make the 10th seed of the Western Conference. However, despite having a sorry season, he never shied away from social media. He clearly feels a responsibility to continue using his voice for several non-basketball issues as well. 


In a  certain tweet, Lebron has congratulated the Dallas Mavericks for beating the Utah Jazz. Considering Luka Doncic did not play, this is a noteworthy achievement. But is it really the most noteworthy news in the playoffs. One should wonder whether Lebron chooses not to react to his contemporaries, considering the Golden State Warriors having a 3-0 lead on the Denver Nuggets.

It is clearly not possible to decide on what basis Lebron makes his tweets. In fact, some of them seem profoundly wise and can be taken in context with almost any team.

More about Lebron James’ mindstate

Does Lebron James feel the need to talk about the postseason or the need to avoid it? He is clearly missing being in contention. He speaks on various other basketball games and top 75 lists and other topics of the like. One must wonder whether he feels “pressured” to tweet about a game and whether he succumbs to that pressure.

LeBron has clearly supported certain teams in the past. He wanted the Phoenix Suns to defeat the Milwaukee Bucks and win Chris Paul his first ring. Therefore, does this mean his congratulating Giannis and the Bucks for winning in 6 games was fake?

These are all, to an extent, hypothetical. However, it is quite obvious that Lebron could feel the need to stay relevant, at least in the people and media’s minds despite being eliminated from the postseason

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