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Brooklyn Nets’ Underwhelming Performance in Playoffs Has Made Kyrie’s Take On Kevin Durant and LeBron James Look Even More Absurd

We have seen Kyrie Irving grow from an NBA star now, to a very controversial spokesperson. He’s said things and has had takes that sound so absurd but something he believes. Irving once believed the ‘Earth is flat’ and was ridiculed for it continuously. Since then, his takes have been something that people just expect and talk a bit about before we move on. However, the one take Kyrie has made that people cannot forget is when he said KD was more clutch than LeBron James.

Kyrie Irving’s worst take on KD and LeBron 

During 2020, the remainder of the NBA season had to be played inside a bubble in Orlando due to Covid. That is when we saw the peak of political Kyrie. He did not enter the bubble as a sign of protest. However, he was extremely vocal about some extremely important social issues as well. And some of his takes were just to throw shade.

“This is the first time in my career I can look down and be like……that m******f****r can make that shot too.”

Kyrie made it sound like he and KD are the most clutch that he’s had an opportunity to play with. That clearly meant that he did not believe LeBron was clutch. And when LeBron James heard this he was genuinely heartbroken. LeBron believes that KD and Kyrie are more skillful than him and Wade, but hearing what Kyrie said was not something he believed was fair. 


LeBron James is more clutch than KD

In 2021, @alliconicsports put out the information that proved LeBron was the more clutch player. The stats show that LeBron James does not only attempt more shots in the clutch but also shoots way better than KD. It says that in the last 2 minutes of the game LeBron has attempted 70 shots and made 46% of them but KD, who attempted just 42 shots, made only 33% of them. 

LeBron James also has more shots attempted and made, and a higher % of those made in the last minute, 48 seconds, and last 3 seconds than KD. And Kevin has never made a buzzer-beater in his career but LeBron has made 5/9 of those.  

However, these stats are from last year. But because the Brooklyn Nets are currently down 0-3 in the 1st round of the playoffs Kyrie’s claims look bad. All those 3 games could have been won if KD and Kyrie were more clutch. The games ended with score differences of less than 7. This is why LeBron being compared to KD in the clutch debate was in itself a disrespectful thing to do. 


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