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Danny Green Reveals LeBron James Will Skip Season Tip Off in December


After closing out the longest season in NBA history with a bang, the 2020 NBA Champions LA Lakers deserve a break. However, the NBA and the owners are suggesting an early start to the 2020-21 season to recover the losses sustained due to the mid-season hiatus. Having played back-to-back games for the last 2 months, LeBron James and several players from the Lakers are expected to skip the start of the season if NBA decides to move ahead with 22 December as the tip-off date.

In conversation with Logan Murdock on the Ringer, Danny Green revealed how LeBron James and other Lakers plan to go about the early restart. Even though it’s unusual for LeBron James to take days off due to load management, Green believes he will take some time off. After delivering an MVP performance in the NBA Finals at the age of 35 LeBron James definitely deserves a break.

LeBron James is yet to confirm his status for opening night

However, it is still speculation and LeBron James hasn’t confirmed his status for the season-opening night in case December 22 is accepted by the NBPA. In addition, Danny Green hinted that some other players are expected to skip the opening-night game which leaves Anthony Davis’ status up in the air.

“If we start in December, I think most guys [are like] ‘I’m not going to be there. I wouldn’t expect to see him there for the first month of the season.”

On the other hand, some players are eager for the 2020 season to begin so that they redeem themselves. One such player is Damian Lillard. When asked by a fan about his thoughts on an early restart, he lauded the idea because he receives his regular summer offseason next year.

NBA is projecting a $500 million dollar raise in revenues if the NBPA opts for the early season, half of which will go to their salaries. This too big of an amount to let go of. NBPA is assured 8-week notice before the season ahead of Training camps and pre-season games.

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