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Here’s Why Kevin Durant blasted Michael Rapaport with Homophobic Slurs on Instagram

Kevin Durant is not the kind of person to hold back when called out on Twitter by random trolls. He has a history of using burner accounts to defend himself and his decisions on social media ever since he started getting flack for joining the Golden State Warriors. This time, however, he crossed the line with homophobic slurs while confronting actor Michale Rapaport in his Instagram DMs about the latter’s tweet criticizing KD.

Michael Rapaport is a long time friend of Kevin Durant and they’ve done a video called Shame Game together. It involved Kevin Durant reacting to the meanest tweets, most of which were about KD forming a super team with the Warriors. Although he took it sportingly in the 1-minute video we know for a fact that it is not how he would react off camera.

Michael Rapaport revealed his 3-month old Conversation with Kevin Durant on Twitter

There are instances of KD accidentally using his main account in place of a burner account when replying to fans on Twitter. Just yesterday he was replying to tweets criticising Brooklyn Nets for acquiring LaMarcus Aldridge and Blake Griffin but in a PG13 manner.

However, his altercation with Michael Rapaport was filled with profanities and homophobic slurs. While it’s true that it was supposed to remain as a private conversation between the two, Michael chose to release the screenshots 3 months after it happened. What lead KD to blast him like that was quite silly. Rapaport called KD sensitive for the way he spoke to Charles Barkley in an interview. What he probably missed was that Durant was pissed at the TNT Crew, especially Charles Barkley for the way he talked about his teammate Kyrie Irving.

“KD seemed deeply in his feelings with the NBA on TNT crew after the game. DAMNIT he is super sensitive about everything. Don’t do the Interview”

Kevin Durant’s odd reply to Barkley’s question was a retaliation of sorts but Micahel Rapaport clearly missed it and tweeted about the same without knowing the whole story.

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KD apologized to Michael Rapaport for homophobic slurs

Kevin Durant’s conversation with Rapaport had everything from profanities to physical threats but it’s hard to judge how much of it was truly intended. It started with KD calling him a b*tch for the tweet about the Charles Barkley interview. According to Michael KD looked like he was about to cry during the interview but nothing was particularly offensive in his reply but the matter escalated after this.


It was difficult to understand was KD was as enraged as he sounded in the screenshots since Michael unsent most of his replies before posting the conversation. There are clear discrepancies so it’s unfair to blame KD for what transpired. He publically accepted deleting some of his texts when Durant confronted him again last night after the Twitter blast.

In any case, KD apologized for what he said and most fans were clearly on his side after the revelation.

It is either a misunderstanding between the two or Kevin Durant is purposely downplaying all the horrible things he said in the conversation. He went on to physically threaten Michael Rapaport which is unacceptable for any reason. However, the screenshots can’t be trusted entirely since Rapaport deleted most of his texts and it doesn’t tell the whole story.

If NBA decides to investigate the situation at all it should not be dependent on the screenshots of DMs posted by Rapaport. He may not meet the same end as Meyers Leonard who was recently waived by Oklahoma City Thunder but a hefty fine can be expected.

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