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Injury Report: Here’s Why LeBron James’ Ankle Injury is Rare and Requires Longer Rehab

The LA Lakers take yet another hit as LeBron James goes down with a high ankle sprain for several weeks. It happened Saturday night against the Atlanta Hawks. James left the court mid-way and didn’t return. The Lakers ultimately lost the game due to terrible third-quarter performance.

While it’s true that ankle sprains don’t take long to recover, the rare high ankle sprain that LeBron suffered is quite different. As explained by sports enthusiast Dr Brian Sutterer, Hawks defender collided into LeBron’s knee giving it an inward push which leads to a high ankle sprain. Unlike the usually ankle sprains, this one was on the interior region which affects a sensitive ligament called MCL. According to the doctor, it takes a longer duration to heal due to which LeBron James is expected to miss 3-4 weeks at the very least.

LeBron James is 36, but he is playing better than a lot of 26-year-olds in the league. Even at this age LeBron James is considered the best player in the league and was the MVP front-runner prior to the injury on Saturday night. With weeks of recovery ahead he will definitely not be in the MVP conversation by the end of the regular season.

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Who will lead the LA Lakers in the absence of LeBron James?

Another star added to the list of injured players this season with Kevin Durant, Joel Embiid, Klay Thompson, and Anthony Davis. LeBron James is doing incredible things at an age players not only start to decline but retire. He won the LA Lakers a championship after a decade and was named the finals MVP in the bubble.

He is the primary playmaker for the Lakers and their leader as well. In the 2018-19 season, he lead the Lakers to the #4 seed in the western conference, however, missed close to 2 months due to an injury. The Lakers ultimately missed the playoffs despite LBJ’s return in February. With their top 2 players down, LA Lakers will take a severe blow to their position in the western conference. The Clippers are healthy and only a games before from snatching the third seed away.

Dennis Schroder and Montrezl Harrell are expected to step up for the rest of the season. They don’t have many offensive options and with AD gone as well, they will not be the best defensive team in the NBA. The Lakers have a tough road ahead but they will hopefully make the playoffs when their MVP will be set to get back along with his teammate Anthony Davis.

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