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NBA Injury Report: Los Angles Clippers Drop A Major Update on Paul George



Paul George

Paul George, who went down with a torn ligament in the elbow in late December, may not return this season. Just a few days back there was a report of hope that Kawhi Leonard could return to play with the Los Angeles Clippers this season.

Now there’s news that PG may not return during this season. After his injury, the team stated that Paul George will be re-evaluated after 3-4 weeks. But now, the situation is different.  


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The Leonard-George duo is yet to make it to the Nba Finals and it looks like they won’t be able to make it this year too. The Clippers still stay in the competitive spirit on the 7th seed in the western conference which will earn them a spot in the play-in tournament. 

It won’t be unexpected if the Clippers make some moves before the trade deadline for damage control. But there are no trades they can make at this point to replace Paul George’s skills. It’s fair to say that this season will be challenging for the Clippers.

Can Clippers survive without Paul George?

There is no doubt that the current Clippers squad is built around Paul George and Kawhi Leonard. They will not be able to compete for a championship without both these players. 

If PG will not be returning this season, should they risk Kawhi by making him return this season? Instead, they can rest both players and focus on the 2022-23 season. They will also be able to make a few changes in the team during the off-season to make them stronger. 

The Clippers are right now sitting in the 7th spot placing them in the play-in tournament before the playoffs. Even if they earn a spot in the playoffs, they won’t be able to make it past the first round without Paul George and Kawhi Leonard.

Even if Kawhi Leonard returns for the clippers, they will not be able to win a championship this season. The clippers should now focus on the next season.