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Kevin Durant Calls Himself a “God” While Addressing the Producers of Inside the NBA

Kevin Durant just got swept in the first round of the NBA playoffs against the Boston Celtics. It was the most embarrassing thing to happen to a team that was looking to contend. The Brooklyn Nets were the favorites to win the NBA title but got bounced after a season full of drama. From social causes to injuries to team chemistry issues, everything that could go wrong did.

However, even though all this happened no one felt bad for these victims of circumstance. They became the punchline for the jokes on ‘Inside the NBA’.

Kevin Durant replies to Charles Barkley’s criticism 

Kevin Durant has been regarded as one of the most sensitive players in NBA history. He always responds to every single criticism he hears and his responses paint him in a sad light. This specific beef began when Charles Barkley reacted to KD being swept.

“All these bus riders, they don’t mean nothing to me. If you ain’t driving the bus, don’t walk around talkin’ bout you a champion. If you riding the bus, I don’t want to hear it.” 

Charles was talking about how KD was not the number one player on the Warriors teams that won the NBA titles. Barkley later insinuated that he meant that Kevin did not have the pressure he has now to be great every night. 


However, Kevin Durant already took it all personally and responded by posting pictures on his Instagram of Chuck with other older great players that he never won with. It was with no context but knowing the story, that those stars were out of their prime by the time they teamed up. 

Everyone pointed out that KD made his statement at the wrong time as it gave the producers of ‘Inside the NBA’ enough time to plan a comeback. 

Kevin Durant called himself a God standing up against the ‘evil’ producers. “You mean the God that’s sitting home with the play-in banner?” Charles said that he could have pointed out all the players KD played with and never won. But that wasn’t his intention.


Does Kevin Durant take things too seriously? and will that make him one of the most hated players again?  

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