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Kevin Durant comes to LeBron James’ Defense in Response to Colby Covington’s Remarks

From hearing “Shut up and dribble” to a fan turned enemy in president Trump, LeBron James has seen it all for having a political opinion and actively advocating it. Fighter Colby Covington joined the LeBron hate bandwagon with a scathing post victory speech on Saturday. Consequently, Kevin Durant fires back at him for his comments on LeBron James.

If there’s a player in the NBA who has pushed for the betterment of the African-American community more than Bill Russell, it’s LeBron James. His priorities have been clear since day 1 giving back to the community, I promise school for students in need, numerous scholarships, and whatnot. In addition, LeBron James never shied away from making his political stand clear. His distaste for President Donal Trump’s legislation is not news to anyone.

As a result, he has been on the receiving end of obscene remarks by conservative media and President Donald Trump himself. In the wake of the recent political unrest in America due to systemic racism and police brutality, LeBron James is advocating each night how important it is to vote and choose the right leader.

However, this didn’t digest well with Colby Covington, who called out the supposed “woke athletes” after a victory on Saturday night. He explicitly called LeBron James a “spineless cpward”. His relationship with Donald Trump is well known and it evident where this hate comes from.

The NBA community was taken aback by Colby Covington’s comments and several players responded to it as well. Two-time champion and Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin DUrant replied to the Instagram post describing the situation with the comment “who’s this again”. Other players who came to James’ defense were Houston Rockets guard Austin Rivers and Michael Carter-Williams.

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Kevin Durant backs LeBron James for 2020 MVP snub

The 2020 NBA MVP announcement has been a rollercoaster ride with fans and players equally divided on the topic. While some believe it is a regular season award and Giannis Antetokounmpo rightfully deserved it this season, some thought LeBron James had a greater impact on the LA Lakers and deserved the MVP.

LeBron James himself felt his performance this season was definitely worth more than 16 votes that he received finishing second in the MVP race. Giannis Antetokounmpo joined Michael Jordan and Hakeen Olajuwon to be one of the few players to win the defensive player of the year and Most Valuable player award in the same season. LeBron James went on to question the methodology of voters pointing out inconsistencies in voting procedure.

Kevin Durant LeBron James

He believes narrative plays a big role in in these votes. Kevin Durant and Shaquille O’Neal backed LeBron James as the clear MVP for 2019-20 season over Giannis Antetokounmpo.

The criteria is the regular season but I understand. I feel the same way you feel. I feel they should evaluate the whole season, evaluate the playoffs included. If you include the playoffs, then ‘Bron is easily the MVP. I see now why Giannis was the MVP. His numbers was crazy”

– Kevin Durant on Joe Budden’s podcast

The MVP snud and Colby Covington incident will further fuel LeBron to win the championship this year in the memory of late Kobe Bryant.

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