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Kevin Durant Set to Feature in Damian Lillard’s Next Rap Album



Damian Lillard Kevin Durant Rap Album

Damian Lillard, or as the rap world knows him, Dame D.O.L.L.A dropped his fourth album in the offseason. He is widely regarded as one of the best rapper-athlete of this generation by fans as well as NBA players. Kevin Durant has been a fan of his music for a long time and the two got a chance to work together during the Tokyo Olympics. 

While Shaquille O’Neal as Diesel held the throne for the best rapper in NBA in the 00’s, Damian Lillard is not far behind. The constant diss tracks released by Shaq proves how threatened he feels about his position. 

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“I’m jealous of him”- Kevin Durant chooses Damian Lillard over Shaq

In an interview with Rolling Stone reporter Matt Sullivan, Damian Lillard revealed that he plans to feature Kevin Durant in his next Album. The duo started working on the song during their time together on Team USA in Tokyo. Although it wasn’t a signed deal between the two, Lillard believes KD will come through. 

“[Durant] wasn’t in there with me ’cause he was in the studio with Kanye, but I ended up doing the song for him to do with me,” Lillard said. “Then we was working on it in Tokyo, like just writing it. Still in progress.”

Kevin Durant has been vocal about how much he enjoys Dame D.O.L.L.A’s music since 2016. When asked to choose between Shaq and Lillard, he went with the latter because he is from his generation. 

Kanye West was working on Donda in the same hotel as Team USA in Vegas this summer. He invited KD and Dame to check out the album before it was released to the fans. While KD took the offer, Lillard took a pass to work on his fourth album ‘Different on Levels the Lord Allowed” which he dropped this offseason. 

If Kevin Durant does come through, Damian Lillard’s next album is sure to be a hit with NBA fans and Rap music fans alike. 

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