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Klay Thompson Goes Through a Roller Coaster of Emotions After Mike Brown Leaves GSW for Sacramento’s Head Coach Position

The Golden State Warriors just beat the Memphis Grizzlies in Game 4 to take a resounding lead in the series. Tonight, there was a lot of news surrounding the Warriors. It included people like Steve Kerr, Mike Brown, and Adreian Payne. Klay Thompson did not know what to feel with all the news that came with the win but dissected it all in a post-game press conference.  

The Golden State Warriors have become the most successful team of this generation and the building blocks for it revolved around their 3 stars and coaching staff. As much as Steph, Klay, and Draymond were detrimental, Steve Kerr and his coaching staff deserve credit as well. Mike Brown, the assistant coach to Steve Kerr, will be move to Sacramento Kings as their brand new Head Coach. 


Mike Brown’s record with the Golden State Warriors

Year Wins Losses Percentage Playoff Wins Playoff Losses
2017 1 0 1.000 11 0
2018 2 1 .667 1 0
2019 4 2 .667 0 1
2020 2 5 .286
2021 4 4 .500
2022 9 3 .750 3 0

Mike Brown began his coaching career back in the 1997-98 season as an assistant coach in the Washington Wizards. He moved around from there to the Spurs in 2 seasons and then left again 2 years later to Indiana. 

In 2005-06 he finally got a head coaching job for LeBron James‘ Cleveland Cavaliers. In those 5 seasons at Cleveland, his record was 272-138 which came with a ton of great seasons. He then became the Head Coach of the Lakers, where the losses started piling up.


He took a step back in his career and joined as the Assistant Coach of the Golden State Warriors. Steve Kerr has solidified his job as the Head Coach but in the few games he has had the opportunity to coach,  he’s been very successful. 

His record of going 11-0 in the 2017 playoffs and currently 3-0 in this playoffs is what has made him the most attractive for the Sacramento Kings. Sacramento also does like getting their head coaches from the Warriors coaching staff, Luke Walton being the last example.

Klay Thompson reacts to Mike Brown leaving the Warriors

The Warriors won game 4 with a final score of 101-98. They now have a lead of 3-1.

“It was an emotional day. Prayers up to Adreian, and his family…it’s just a sad day. Really happy for Mike B though. I mean, he is going to do great things for Sacramento…We did miss Steve a lot, just his voice, his presence…Just an up and down day as far as emotions were going.” 


The Warriors look to be in a good place and it’s okay for them to focus on all these real-life situations unfolding off the court. Will the Warriors end the series in Game 5? Or will we see Memphis force game 6?

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