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Kyrie Irving Debates the Morality of Having an Only Fans Account While Streaming, High

Kyrie Irving is an eccentric personality. This is displayed best in his off-court activities. Kyrie was streaming a video game on his youtube channel. It was clear that he was intoxicated as his speech seemed slurred. Kyrie was responding to the critics in his comments when he broached the subject

Kyrie is a deep thinker and is also opinionated. However, he is also an NBA star and is expected to maintain some form of decorum. Therefore, was he out of line for discussing this subject.

OnlyFans is not for Kyrie Irving

NBA players deserve respect. This is given to them by their organization, teammates, and the majority of fans. However, they are always subject to criticism and slander. Especially on the internet.

Just about anyone can go online and make obscene comments on a global athlete’s profile and have millions of people react to it. While streaming the game and making jokes to himself, Kyrie got annoyed by the negative comments on his stream.

The majority of the comments would be insulting him and Kevin Durant as partners and men. Therefore, Kyrie chose to respond to these people by stating ” Yo if you have an only fans account.. I have no comment.. none.. you won’t get my debit card tho.. you won’t even get a free subscription… that’s not for me .. it may be for you..”


Only fans is an adult content website that having an account gives men access to. Kyrie could have been saying “if your masculinity is at that level then you don’t need to talk about mine“. He then went on to say that it’s alright to have an account, almost as if he regretted what he said.

It is quite difficult to tell whether Kyrie even meant the above in the first place. His speech was completely slurred and disoriented. Additionally, the GTA character in his game was just running around pointlessly, not really eliminating gangs or completing missions.

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