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LeBron James Calls Out Lou Williams and Patrick Beverly for ‘talking sh*t’ all year

LeBron James rarely speaks on public forums barring post-game press conferences, however, he went all out on Richard Jefferson’s podcast last week. From responding to unnecessary comments made by Kyrie Irving to destroying certain ‘Clippers’ for not showing up when it counted.

LeBron James was just as shocked as the entire sports world when Denver Nuggets knocked heavy title favourites LA Clippers in the second round of playoffs. Despite having a 3-1 lead, Denver Nuggets came back and forced their way to the conference finals. Before the 2019-20 NBA season started, all analysts were almost certain that LA Lakers and LA Clippers would meet in the conference finals to decide who rules staples centre.

What no one expert even in their wildest dreams was Clippers choking a 3-1 lead to a young team like Denver. LA Clippers’ roster had DOPYs,  MVP front runners and a stacked bench. Yet lack of team chemistry got the better of them. It felt like they were preparing to defeat LA Lakers all year they sort of forgot about other teams. Reports of bias towards Paul George and Kawhi emerged later which explained the lack of team chemistry.

LA Lakers vs LA Clippers

While Paul George’s poor performance in the playoffs has been widely considered as the sole reason behind Clippers’ early knockout, an underwhelming performance by Low Williams and Montrezl Harrell must also be blamed. They were so consumed by special perks given to Kwhi and Paul that they forgot about their contribution to the team.

Lou Williams and Patrick Beverley spent most part of the year trash talking other teams including the LA Lakers and ducked when the responsibility was on their shoulders. Beverley at times instigated LeBron James as well and got a befitting reply from in the form of a championship.

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LeBron James believes Clippers failed to seek the opportunity when it was right there

What’s even more embarrassing for the Clippers is that LA Lakers defeated Denver Nuggets in just 5 games when they failed to do so even after a 3-1 lead. LeBron James precisely pointed that out on the RoadTrippinPodcast with Richard Jefferson. He was apparently shocked when he found out the outcome of that series.

While he didn’t call out the entire Clippers team, he definitely pointed towards two specific players.

“All the ‘s— talking that they were doing all year. “Exclude Paul and exclude Kawhi. Even exclude Trez . Obviously, we know who I’m talking about.”

“They put they self in a position to get what they’ve been talking about all year. And I just couldn’t fathom the part or come to the realization that they did not seek that opportunity when it was right there. Up 3-1. You know. And just seeing the team that they had. They was built for that, I believe. They were coached for that, I believe. Obviously, they got our championship head coach on their bench in T-Lue (Tyronn Lue). I just did not see them losing, just like everybody else in the basketball and sports world, did not see them losing that series.”

LeBron points out that they were built for the championship and insinuates that getting past Denver Nuggets is no big deal but they failed. Whether or not they will face each other in the conference finals this year is unclear but the league, analysts and media have given LeBron and the Lakers their due respect after winning the 2019-20 NBA championship despite the asterisks.

Clippers and Lakers face each other on opening night and fans are eager to see which team asserts its dominance as 2020-21 NBA season begins 22 December.

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