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LeBron James’ I Promise School for Underprivileged Kids



LeBron James I promise school

LeBron James did a tremendous amount of work off the court. LeBron James’ I Promise, a public elementary school he introduced in 2018 is in Akron, Ohio. It has helped underprivileged children in the United States get a good education and enough resources to develop their future. In recent years, I Promise LeBron James Family Foundation has garnered a great deal of appreciation and admiration. The school would be fully operational by 2022, with students attending grades three and four and then eventually teaching grades one through eight.

A STEM-based curriculum is deployed by the school. “The Family Resource Center” and the “family plan” of the school are targeted at the families of the students to ensure a healthy learning environment at home. School days last from 8-5, deviating from a traditional timetable. Summer holidays are greatly reduced and shorter breaks are now scattered across the year.

On the streaming service Quibi, a documentary series titled “I Promise”, documenting the first year of operations of the school, was released in April 2020. In the series, students and teachers share their personal stories and challenges, as well as their perspectives on the institution so far. Due to the shutdown of Quibi, the series was canceled in October 2020.

Lakers superstar earns widespread praise for LeBron James foundation ‘I Promise’

The ‘I Promise’ from the LeBron James Foundation has been well received by the media in the United States. It was appreciated by stars including Steph Curry, Carmelo Anthony, and Dwayne Wade. This initiative also inspired other athletes, leading them to start a similar foundation.

The culture of the I Promise by LeBron James Foundation is focused on “Habits of Promise” that every student commits to memory perseverance, perpetual learning, problem-solving, partnering and perspective. On walls and t-shirts, the slogan “We Are Family” is embossed. In the I Promise LeBron James plan, the LA Lakers superstar also plays an active role. Via his social media outlets, he regularly congratulates I Promise Foundation students for their accomplishments.

The Story of “I Promise” – A New Documentary

In school, every child has serious problems. Many of them arrived with reading deficiencies and in the bottom 25 percent of overall academic performance. Many of the children were homeless or had medical issues. Some of them have witnessed drug raids or sibling’s violent deaths. These traumas are the root cause of their academic struggles and offer I Promise, a documentary series released on the video platform Quibi, a deeper sense. I Promise is not a private academy that, depending on income or ability, can pick or reject students. It is a public school that grew out of the determination of James to support children like him and his continuing devotion to Akron.

James missed nearly 100 days of elementary school one year as his family was often homeless, as related in the film. A network of coaches was inspired by James’ athletic talent so they nurtured him. When James returned from Miami to the Cleveland Cavaliers, he released I Promise. The lives of children are powerful reminders of how the trauma of American poverty causes behavioral issues that impede learning, especially in black communities. You understand why he always runs out of his classrooms or distrusts his teachers as Nate, a third-grader, talks straight into the camera about being unable to sleep because of gunshots and sirens at night.

When teachers struggle with Akron’s concentration of educational instability, they are given fair billing. When talking to the camera, while the kids are always stoic, the teachers can be insecure. As a chief, “I feel I failed you as a leader”, the principal says.

The emotional backbone of I Promise is the children. Like a good teacher himself, Director Levin waits patiently for them to show themselves. When they do, it’s an urgent reminder of our mutual duty to the most defenseless and vulnerable among us through an anguished glance or an optimistic statement.

LeBron James, admirably, is doing his part.

Students present James his NBA Championship Ring

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers celebrated the team’s recent championship with a friendship and family ring ceremony on the opening evening of the 2020-21 NBA season.

The ceremony was performed virtually and included students from the I Promise School. “We are family,” the students said in the James-directed video message. The mother, kids, and other relatives of the Akron native were also part of the introduction.

A four-time winner, James was entering his 18th season in the NBA.

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