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Lewis Hamilton Pays Homage to Michael Jordan by Calling Him His Hero

F1’s inaugural Miami Grand Prix is being attended by multiple celebrities in the US and NBA superstars like Michael Jordan and Dwyane Wade are in attendance as well at the Hardrock stadium. 

For many around the world, Michael Jordan is the undisputed GOAT. The retired Chicago Bulls legend won 6 championships during his career in the league. If not for front office politics and multiple retirements he might have added some more chips to the collection. He played his final NBA game over two decades ago but is still just as relevant in the basketball conversation. 

He flew down to Miami to enjoy the race weekend and met the current greatest driver Lewis Hamilton. In addition, Miami’s own Dwyane Wade had to be present at the circuit to enjoy the first-ever Formula 1 race in the city he spent almost his entire career. 


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Lewis Hamilton holds Michael Jordan in the highest esteem

The 7x champion posted a picture of his father Anthony Hamilton alongside Michael Jordan with the caption, “Two of my heroes”. Although Jeff Van Gundy is of the opinion that Lewis Hamilton is the LeBron James of F1, the latter clearly aspires to be the Michael Jordan of his sport. 

Prior to the race, he posed with Michael Jordan, David Beckham, and Tom Brady for a star-studded photo. There are 7 world driver’s championships, 6 NBA rings, 10 Soccer league titles, and 7 Super Bowl rings in that one picture of these four legends. 



This season has been quite rocky for Lewis Hamilton after a heartbreaking loss to Max Verstappen last season. Mercedes is struggling hard, especially their superstar driver. He has not secured even a single podium so far in the season. The 37-year-old has won multiple races in the US in his career but this race seems to be out of his reach. 

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