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LeBron James and NBA Stars React to Donald Trump Losing the Presidential Elections



NBA election results

Months of social justice campaigns and coming close to suspending the 2019-20 NBA season, the players’ efforts have come to fruition. the Democratic Party candidate and Barack Obama’s VP Joe Biden is voted as the 46th president of the United States of America. The NBA community is thrilled with the outcome of the elections and more so as Kamala Harris becomes the first woman to be the Vice President.

The Black Lives Matter movement may have unilaterally changed the course of these elections, with NBA actively engaging in voting awareness. While LeBron James and ex-teammate Kyrie Irving were divided on whether or not NBA should resume, the league’s resumption definitely had an impact on the election results.

Barack Obama was present virtually on the court for several games with poll workers encouraging first-time voters to vote wisely campaigning for Joe Biden. In addition, the NBA as an organization took initiatives to educate voters without siding with any party.

It was speculated that the NBA lost millions in revenue because of their political inclinations. However, that didn’t stop players from speaking their minds before and after the game. Ex-President Donald Trump was already at odds with the NBA community especially LeBron James and Stephen Curry. Until recently Donald Trump was taking jibs at LeBron Jame however, he never dignified them with a response.

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LeBron James and Other NBA Players troll Donald Trump on Twitter

NBA players did not hold back the resentment they felt for Donal Trump even during his term, and no reason to stop now. Twitter was bombarded with memes trolling Donald Trump and his tenure in the White House with LeBron’s memes standing out. With Trump out of the white house, the age-old tradition of champions visiting the White House is expected to return as well.

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