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“Number one, we’re one of the best teams in the league”: Ja Morant Sends a Message to the League After Defeating Golden State Warriors



Ja Morant and Stephen Curry

Memphis Grizzlies superstar Ja Morant has risen this year to a Superstar level. He is in the conversation of the best point guard in the league. He is athletic, fearless, can now even shoot the ball and especially his deadly floater. 

He is a legitimate All-star this season. Grizzlies are the 4th seed in the NBA, which is a big leap over last season as they were only the 9th seed last year. Ja Morant in this 10 games winning streak has averaged 27 points, 6 rebounds, and assists.

He is also very efficient from the floor with 51% shooting and an impressive 42% from the 3 point line. The Grizzlies have now won 20 of their last 24 games. After a 29 points performance against GSW, Ja had some words for the league.


He believed that he and the Grizzlies didn’t get enough respect last year after defeating GSW to earn a playoff spot. However, after icing the game in the 4th quarter he said, “I bet we have got it now”.

He even had some words for a young fan. After he scored a clutch bucket late in the 4th quarter, he flexed in front of fans. He saw a kid who wanted to high-five him but he didn’t. Later explaining that if he wanted to high-five he should’ve worn a Grizzlies jersey. Even though Ja apologized for his rude behavior, he asked for the young fan information to send him a Grizzlies Jersey. 

Ja Morant became the western conference player of the week over LeBron James

Ja Morant earned his career’s first-ever player of the year and that also over LeBron James. From 27th December to 2nd January, Morant averaged 35 points on 55% shooting.

However, if we only compare stats, LeBron had better overall numbers. He also average close to 35 points on 55% shooting but had 11 rebounds and 6.8 assists per game. However, the Lakers suffered a loss against the Grizzlies which may have played a role in giving the award to Ja Morant.

Grizzlies in that stretch have defeated the best of the best teams in the NBA.  They defeated Phoenix Suns and Lakers in back to games and since 27 December, they have not suffered even a single loss.