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Shaq Defends Doc Rivers by Ironically Stating That Coaches Mean Nothing

Doc Rivers was in all the sports headlines last night after it looked like he expected the 76ers to blow the series lead. Rivers has the stamp of choker across his resume. And he felt that it was not fair that he had to endure all the blame. Doc believed that he was a victim of circumstance and wrongfully accused of the same. The crew of ‘Inside the NBA’ also reacted to this. They are in the midst of their drama right now but Shaq spared some time to convey his thoughts on the whole ordeal. 

Shaq believes head coaches are obsolete

The ‘Inside the NBA’ crew exists to monitor everything going on in the NBA. That sometimes leads them to fall smack dab in the middle of beef. And other times, it leads to extremely controversial opinions and takes. 2 extremely opinionated NBA Hall of Famers does make for must-watch TV.


In reacting to Doc Rivers’ take, there were 3 points brought up. Why did Doc Rivers need to answer a question about something that currently has no relevance? The Philadelphia 76ers are still in control of the series and need just 1 win to close it out. The conversation should be brought up if they lose Game 6 or after Game 7, depending on the result.

The reason he is answering the question is that he clearly feels pressured. Both Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith believe it’s this pressure that will destroy their season. However, Shaq was of a different mindset. 

“If we’re up 3-1, coaching got nothing to do with us losing 3-4 games in a row, that’s on us.”


Shaq believes the Players on the court are responsible for losing not the coach off the court. His statements actually sounded like coaches did not matter at all. O’Neal was coached by some of the greatest coaches of all time in Pat and Phil. However, it did not deter from the fact that anything that happens on the court is the fault of the players. 

Big Diesel has been defending coaches a lot recently. Frank Vogel, Steve Nash, and now Doc Rivers. Is this him foreshadowing a career in coaching?

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