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Shaq Impressed by Giannis’ Confidence in Making the Clutch 3 Even With Awful Shooting Lately

The Milwaukee Bucks made a huge comeback in game 5 vs the Boston Celtics. Great defense and offense in the clutch helped them grab the win. Shaq had a lot of thoughts on how the game unfolded for both teams. But he and Chuck were mostly impressed with Giannis‘ confidence in the clutch. 

The game was never over and the competitiveness was on display till the last second. But Giannis and Jrue made a huge contribution to the comeback that unfolded on the court. They broke the metaphorical headlock they were in to take the 3-2 lead in the series. And considering that they are still playing without Khris Middleton makes it that much more amazing.


Shaq is in awe of Milwaukee’s performance 

The final score of the contest was 110-107 in favor of the Bucks. The 4th quarter is where the real game began for Milwaukee who outscored the Celtics 33-21. In the 2nd half, the Celtics turned over the ball 8 times, double of Milwaukee. 

Even though, Jaylen Brown scored 16 points just in the 3rd quarter, in the 4th he went cold going 0 for 2 and scoring just 1 point. Shaq said that the Boston Celtics played great for 45 minutes. But in the last 3 minutes, they could not handle the Bucks. 

When any comeback begins, one needs to do everything right as there is no wiggle room to mess up. When Bobby Portis missed the 3 with 1:46 left in the game and Mathews grabbed the rebound, he made a pass to Giannis at the 3. 


In this series, Giannis has been shooting 2-17 from the 3 but even still, he pulled up for the shot and made it. The clutch gene in Giannis outplayed his shooting this series. That spearheaded the comeback that led to the eventual win. 

“Especially when Giannis hit that 3…It’s a big shot. It’s what Champions do, it’s what MVP’s do. Has no fear in his game.”


Shaq and Charles Barkley attributed all the credit of the comeback to that one 3. Giannis is one of the few modern players that is loved by players from older generations due to his bully ball style of play. 

In that 4th quarter, Giannis scored 8 points and was 100% from the 3. He also had 3 rebounds, 1 steal, 1 block, and had a +12 when on the court. He finished the game with 40 points, the 2nd time this series that he has had a big game like that. Jrue Holiday out-defended the DPOY and that’s why the Bucks deserved this win.

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