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Shaquille O’Neal on Chris Paul Having Perfect Scoring Night: “Stop Giving Me Cookies for Stuff I’m Supposed to Do”

Shaquille O’Neal is a former NBA center. He revealed in his podcast, his opinion of Chris Paul, following cp3’s perfect game 6. This was against the New Orleans Pelicans. Chris scored a perfect 14-14 from the field. However, Shaq was not as impressed.

The Phoenix Suns lost Devin Booker in the first round. This was due to a hamstring strain. However, he came back for game 6 and scored 13 pts. This assisted Cp3’s 33-point perfect performance and brought the win home. 

Shaquille O’Neal is impressed by Cp3’s mentality, not his perfect game

Shaq knows what it takes to be a generational talent. Chris Paul has been a veteran in the league and carried his teams to postseason success throughout his career. Therefore he was nicknamed “point god”. His court vision, passing ability, and midrange shot are second to few.


Shaq makes it slightly harder on cp3 due to this. ” I told a good friend of mine this another day. Stop giving me cookies for stuff I’m supposed to do. oh, you’re a good man, I don’t wanna hear that. oh ur a great father, I’m supposed to be right. So if I’m the point god, ain’t I supposed to have games like this?.

Shaq did say he offered Chris a “golfers pat” for being the first to ever have a perfect postseason game. However, he revealed that he was most pleased by how Chris responded to the praise in the postgame interview.

The ultimate goal is not finished and that’s why when you interviewed Chris and he wasn’t too happy... I like that! that’s what I get excited for….he said hey man we just gotta move onto the next game..ahh that’s what I like and that’s what I respect.


Chris had a record-breaking game. He was perfect from the field and the free-throw line. However, The Suns are now in the next round. Shaq knows Chris will have to play excellent basketball. This is the only way the Suns have a chance to win the title. Therefore Shaq commended cp3 for not letting initial success get to his head.

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