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“So Grateful For Everything”- JJ Reddick Announces Retirement From NBA



JJ Reddick

JJ Redick retires as has announced his retirement after 15 years of speed shooting in the NBA. 

 After 15 years in the league, JJ Redick announced his retirement on social media. Redick, On his podcast, Old Man and the Three, Redick made the announcement.

‘First team. Last team. So grateful for everything in between. Today, I am officially retiring from basketball. Thank you to Everyone who was a part of my journey and career’ writes JJ Redick on his Instagram handle

Redick’s contribution to NBA

Redick appeared in 940 games for the NBA throughout his career. Redick played with the Orlando Magic for the first six years before joining the Milwaukee Bucks in the 2012-13 years. The speedster then spent the following four seasons with the Los Angeles Clippers before joining the Philadelphia 76ers. In 2019, he inked a deal with the New Orleans Pelicans before finalizing his transfer to Dallas this year.

Factors of JJ Redick’s Retirement

While he noted multiple factors that led to his retirement, While he acknowledged that several factors contributed to his decision to retire, Redick says, “I have some clarity now.” And I’m aware that the moment has come. It’s time for me to take on the role of father. It’s time for me to reflect, take a breather, and prepare for the next stage of my life.”

In addition, he emphasized the need for surgery to correct Achilles damage in the future. This history dates back to last season when Redick was limited to 44 games due to Achilles tendon difficulties.

Plans of speed shooter JJ Redick

Redick said he has many interests and could go in many different directions now that his basketball shooting days are over, but he hasn’t decided what he wants to do next.

For the time being, he intends to unwind and reflect on his illustrious NBA career before embarking on the following chapters. 



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