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Who Will the Phoenix Suns Play in Round 2 of the Playoffs?

The Phoenix Suns were the western conference champions last season. They looked like they would be capping off their extremely storybook season with a win in the NBA finals. However, it turned out that they were just a piece of the Milwaukee Bucks storyline. This season they did not want the same things to unfold. And it was clear with the way they played in the regular season. The Phoenix Suns won a season-high and franchise-record 64 wins this season. They were 8 wins ahead of any other team in the NBA and looked like the overwhelming favorites to win the West again.

The Phoenix Suns were once the worst team in the NBA. But since they went undefeated in the bubble their franchise turned around. The 7-0 performance attracted point god Chris Paul to the Suns. Chris Paul complimented Booker and Ayton perfectly. That is why the Suns made their first final appearance since the 1992-93 season. They fell short to the Bucks but looked like they learned from their mistakes. 

Who are the Phoenix Suns playing in Round 2?

This season the Phoenix Suns have the most wins in the league. They were the 3rd best defensive team and 4th best offensive team in the league. Devin Booker led the team again with his 27 points per game whilst Paul, Ayton, Mikal, and both the Cam’s assisted him. 


In the first round of the Playoffs, they played the New Orleans Pelicans. Being the best team, the Suns were expected to make easy work of the series. But Booker got injured and the Pelicans put the fright of God in the hearts of the Suns. By game 6, the series was 3-2 with the game being played in New Orleans that could have pushed a game 7. Chris Paul had a record-breaking performance to win the series.


The Phoenix Suns will now be playing the Dallas Mavericks in the 2nd round of the NBA playoffs. Dallas beat the Jazz in game 6 by just 2 points. Luka Doncic and the bee that stung Rudy Gobert helped the Mavs win. However, it’s difficult to expect that kind of luck vs the Suns. The only plus point that the Mavs have is that Booker looks extremely rusty after coming back.


Will Luka pull off the greatest upset in the playoffs? Or will Phoenix continue their record-breaking season against the Mavs?

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