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“You think I really want to give up my job?”-Kyrie Irving Finally Reacts to Retirement Rumors



Kyrie Irvin Retirement

The Kyrie Irving vaccination issue attracted comments from everyone in the NBA. Shaquille O’Neal, Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan, and several other NBA legends criticised his personal choice with regard to the Covid-19 vaccine. It even sparked rumours about Irving possibly opting for retirement in case he gets traded. He quashed all the rumours on Instagram Live and made it clear that he will not give up. 

Due to NYC’s vaccine mandate, Kyrie Irving became ineligible to play in Barclays centre for home games. Despite the consequences, Irving chose to remain unvaccinated. There were speculations about Kyrie being an anti-vaxxer which isn’t far fetched given his scientific beliefs. 

However, Irving stated in his Instagram Live that he is standing up for people who lost jobs due to the vaccine mandate. Brooklyn Nets denied him from being a part-time player. This leaves him jobless for the season unless they decide to trade him. Kyrie Irving is still divided on the issue. He wants to do what is right for him and he believes vaccination is a personal choice. 

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Kyrie Irving comes out with a heartfelt message for the fans 

Kyrie Irving has been facing immense criticism from NBA players as well as fans around the world. However, he is not the only player reluctant to be vaccinated. LeBron James, Draymond Green, Andrew Wiggins, and Bradley Beal are several other players who support Kyrie. Even though they got vaccinated they endorse the idea that it is a personal choice. 

“No, I’m not retiring, no, I’m not going and leaving this game like this.

You think I really want to give up on my dream to go after a championship?You think I really just want to just give up my job? You think I want to sit at home and not go after the things with my teammates that I’ve been able to grow and learn with?”

He quashed all the retirement rumours running wild on social media. The 7x All-star is not ready to give up despite the hurdles. Despite all his beliefs, he is one of the greatest ball handlers this game has ever seen if not the greatest. His clutch 3 pointer brought Cleveland Cavaliers their first NBA Championship. He convinced Kevin Durant to join Brooklyn Nets. 

Brooklyn Nets denying the chance to play part-time will be detrimental to the organisation and as well as Kyrie Irving. Without him, the Nets lose the formidable nature of their trio. It was Kyrie’s injury that led to Brooklyn being knocked out of the playoffs last season. 

Unvaccinated Kyrie has very low trade value at the moment with most states mandating vaccination. Trading him at the moment is not favourable for the Nets. The best option for them is to convince Kyrie Irving to get vaccinated. 

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