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Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry Are Capable of Dominating in Michael Jordan’s Era



Steph Curry, Kevin Durant and Michael Jordan

Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry are two of the most gifted and skilled players in the sport of basketball. However, they have never played in the Michael Jordan era. Old heads talk about how basketball players today are soft and not “tough” like the players back in Michael Jordans’ time. However, here are the reasons Durant and Curry would dominate basketball in MJ’s era as well.

Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry have extremely gifted abilities

Kevin Durant is simply one of the most talented scorers in the game of basketball. He is 7 feet tall and shoots the ball like an elite guard. There was simply no player in Jordan’s era like Durant. KD’s handles and shooting touch are the best we have seen of any big man that size.

The argument about rough defense from the 90s would barely work against him. He would simply pull up and shoot a smooth mid-range jumper that very few humans on earth can reach. This is simply the truth in any era.

Stephen Curry is arguably the best shooter on earth and is definitely the best 3-point shooter. He would definitely get rattled up by the rough defensive of the past. However, his style of basketball has simply revolutionized the game. More teams and players incorporate the 3point shot since curry increased his attempt frequency.

Steph curry in GSW

Curry is also one of the most gifted ball handlers and passers. His talent would seem otherwordly to the point guards and bigs of the ’90s. Furthermore, they would have absolutely no answer to his insane release speed. Curry would shoot the ball so fast and efficiently in the 90s that he would seem otherwordly to the players. This is also true in any era.

Michael Jordan would still win against his era

It is important to note that at the end of the day these are all hypotheticals. Every decade or generation produces great talent in the NBA. These players have careers that end before the next greats begin. It is clear that some modern-day players like curry and durant would transcend eras and rules with their play but this is actually a rare exception.

Michael Jordan and Bulls

Michael Jordan fought in a very physical league and delivered 6 Championships to the Chicago Bulls. These are the only championships the franchise has ever won. He has been undefeated in the NBA Finals. There is no doubt that he was the greatest in his time, while Lebron Durant Curry and a few others fight for the title in the present.