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Kyrie Irving or Anthony Davis: Who Has Been a Better Teammate to LeBron James?

LeBron James has had a long career in the NBA. He has played with some of the best talents in the league. LeBron has won 4 titles with 3 franchises in 19 years in the league. Additionally, he has made the NBA Finals 10 times. He has had stellar teammates, as well as mediocre teammates. However, he has always managed to carry his team deep into the postseason for the majority of his career.

Kyrie Irving and Anthony Davis are two of the best teammates LeBron has had. Kyrie won the 2o16 NBA championship with the King in Cleveland. Anthony Davis won the 2020 NBA championship in his first season with LeBron and the Lakers. This raises the question, of who has been a better teammate between the two.

 Kyrie Irving has been a better teammate to LeBron James

It is impossible to say for certain which player is better between the two. Kyrie is a point guard with otherworldly ball-handling and finishing abilities. AD, on the other hand, is a power forward\center who uses his size and skills to score over opponents. However, we can say that Kyrie has been a better teammate simply because of what they achieved together in their prime.

Kyrie and LeBron joined forces in the 2014 offseason. They went to the NBA finals the very next year. However, they lost to the Golden State Warriors. Additionally, Kyrie was injured for the finals. They made it back to the finals the next year in 2016. Here Kyrie and LeBron won Cleveland a championship after being down 3-1 to the Golden State Warriors. Kyrie and Bron also made it to the 2017 NBA Finals. However, they lost to the Kevin Durant Warriors and Kyrie and Lebron soon parted ways.

Here Kyrie and Lebron Managed to make the NBA Finals by running through the Eastern Conference 3 times in a row. No other team in the East managed this feat. 

Anthony Davis has been with Lebron for 3 years now. They managed to win one title, then a first-round exit to the Phoenix Suns with aged veteran Chris Paul, to finally missing the play-in tournament this season. This is a very disappointing tenure with the Lakers compared to what Kyrie had with the Cavs. Based on this coupled with the fact that Kyrie has proven to be less injury prone makes him a better teammate to King James.

One must consider that Anthony Davis is bigger than LeBron with a larger wingspan. Their defensive strength would be much greater than Bron and Kyrie on defense. However, Anthony Davis will have to help carry the Los Angeles Lakers to the finals a few times to knock Kyrie off as a better teammate to Lebron

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