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Celtics Fan Throws a Bottle at Kyrie Irving as Nets Emerge on Top of Boston in Game 4



Kyrie Irving

The first round of the NBA playoffs 2021 has been a showcase of brilliant performances. The heats got swept by the Bucks and today the Nets have a 3-1 lead against the Celtics. However, the fans at TD Garden did not respond well to the loss. Among all the outrageous fan behaviour incidents coming to light recently, Kyrie Irving saw the worst of it last night.

Celtics fan throws a bottle at Kyrie Irving

Game 4 of the first round between the Boston Celtics and the Brooklyn Nets took place at the TD Garden. The Brooklyn Nets put up yet another remarkable show and continued to prove why they deserve to take home a ring this year.

The Game saw Kevin Durant score 42 points and Kyrie Irving recorded 39 points with 11 rebounds. James Harden was also extremely important to his team with 23 points and 18 assists. After the Game, as the Nets were walking down the tunnel, an upset Boston Celtics fan threw a water bottle on Kyrie Irving.

Some fans went so far as to defend the incident by saying Kyrie Irving stepped on the Boston Celtics logo in a disrespectful manner and hence deserved what happened to him.

During the Post Game press conference, Kevin Durant spoke about the incident and explained how that the guys who step out on the court every day are also human and this was no way a fan should behave and it was just bad spirit.

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The fan that threw the bottle at Kyrie’s head was given the right consequences. The fan has been arrested and banned for life from the TD Garden.

This is not the first incident of fans attacking the players. Recently, Atlanta Hawk’s point guard, Trae Young was spat on by a New York Knicks fan and faced a lot of banter from the crowd. And it’s not just water bottles or spiting on the players, the fans have also picked up the habit of throwing popcorn. Russell Westbrook got a bowl of popcorn all over him in Philadelphia.

The NBA has now put down a few penalties for fans who have no conduct while watching the game. The playoffs may be intense and as a fan, you have a right to express your emotions but everything comes with a boundary that should not be crossed.

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