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NBA Playoffs: Is Trae Young Playing in Game 5 Against The Milwaukee Bucks?



Is Trae Young going to play in game 5?

Injury after injury has plagued the NBA Playoffs. Not just some small injuries but big ones to big stars. And that too in the most important time on their seasons and probably careers. This Atlanta Hawks vs Milwaukee Bucks series especially are just 4 games in and have lost the 2 biggest superstars. Trae Young and Giannis Antetokounmpo.  

In 2 back to back games, 3 and 4, Trae Young and Giannis went down respectively. They are both extremely important to their teams. However, Atlanta came out without their star but with aggression. They completely dominated the Bucks even before Giannis was injured. The Atlanta Hawks team have a lot of heart and you can see it from the way they play. 

But will Trae Young and his young stars be able to play tonight with injury concerns?

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Which of Atlanta Hawks Players Are Going to Play Game 5? 

According to the Injury Report, the Atlanta Hawks have listed 3 extremely important players. The first of those is Clint Capela. 

Clint Capela has been listed as questionable due to an inflammation in his right eye. In the 4th quarter of Game 4 he was elbowed in that right eye. He was examined by the team ophthalmologist and him playing is still up in the air. Capela scored 15 in the Game 4 win and missed just one of his 7 attempted shots. Clint led the league in rebounds this year and has fit really well with this Hawks team. They really wish he will be healthy enough in that crucial game 5.

Can Bogdan Bogdanović Help The Hawks Beat The Bucks without Trae Young?

Bogdan Bogdanovic is listed as probable for Game 5 with Knee Soreness. That was something that he suffered in Game 4 too. However, in Game 4 he was really important in the dominating win. Bogdanovic scored 20 points and made 6 really important 3’s.  He did play Game 4 through the injury and its very possible that he will play in Game 5 too. 

Is Trae Young Playing in Game 5?

 Trae Young and the Atlanta Hawks

Trae Young is the real question mark for this Game though and will be a game time decision . He missed game 4 with a bone bruise. Even though the Hawks won without Trae Young, his inclusion is really important for a title run. Trae in just his playoff appearance has averaged 30 points and 10 assists whilst making the Conference Finals. If he comes back and leads this Hawks team to the NBA Finals in his first playoffs it would really do wonders for his legacy.

But with Giannis going to be out, the Hawks might let Trae Young rest as much as he needs so that he can come back healthy. On the other hand if Trae is relatively healthy, they can bring him in to finish off the Bucks with Giannis out. What will the Hawks do though? Guess we will have to find out. 

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