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NBA Playoffs: LA Clippers vs Phoenix Suns Game 3 Prediction and Injury Report | 24th June 2021

NBA Matchup: LA Clippers vs Phoenix Suns

Date: 24th June 2021

Time: 9:00 PM ET

The LA Clippers and Phoenix Suns are set to play game 3 of the Western Conference Finals. Devin Booker has led the Phoenix Suns to take a commanding 2-0 lead at home. The LA Clippers were favoured to win a title after the signing of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. However, the LA Clippers lost Kawhi to a knee injury and he is potentially ruled out for this postseason.

The Phoenix Suns took full advantage of this situation. They won the first two games at home. Additionally, Devin Booker had a 40 point triple-double in game 1. Paul George and the undermanned Clippers were unable to win a game on the road. The series now moves to Los Angeles. The LA Clippers look to cut into the 2-0 lead. However, the Phoenix Suns hope to extend it

The Phoenix Suns have delivered a 2-0 deficit on the LA Clippers. However, this is nothing new for the Clippers. They have made NBA Playoff history by being the first team to win two series back to back. Both wins following falling 2-0 to the opponent at the beginning of the series. Luka Doncic and the Mavericks as well as Donovan Mitchell and Utah Jazz both had ” Clean Looks” at sending the LA Clippers home, However, they were unable to get the job done.

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LA Clippers vs Phoenix Suns game 3 prediction

The LA Clippers have proven that they fight best when cornered. Therefore, they are expected to win tonight in Los Angeles. Paul George has elevated his play in Kawhi Leonard’s absence. He scored 24 points in game 2. However, he was not efficient and missed both crucial free throws towards the end of the game. This is not expected to occur again. The LA Clippers are favoured to win game 3 at home.

LA Clippers Paul George shooting free throw

The Phoenix Suns are on a hot streak that no one saw coming. Chris Paul was sidelined initially. However, He is expected to play game 3. He was sidelined due to covid 19 protocols. He will join the Phoenix Suns to help win game 3. If the Phoenix Suns win game 3, they will have imposed a 3-0 lead on every team they faced in the Western Conference this postseason. This is with the exception of Lebron James and the LA Lakers. They had a 2-1 lead on the Clippers, only to lose 3 straight games in a row and be sent home.

The LA Clippers now face the same daunting task of defeating the Phoenix Suns. Kawhi was not injured during the regular season. Paul George needs to step up and carry the Clippers. If they want to make it a competitive series.

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Injury Report

LA Clippers

Kawhi Leonard – Knee injury

Serge Ibaka- Out for the season

Phoenix Suns

Chris Paul- listed probable for GAme 3 against LA Clippers (Covid protocols)

How to watch Clippers vs Suns?

LA Clippers vs Phoenix suns will be televised nationally on ESPN at 9 PM ET. International viewers can access the game through the NBA League Pass.

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