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NBA Playoffs: Patrick Beverly Hilariously Mocks Chris Paul After He Flops



Chris Paul flop on Patrick Beverly

The Los Angeles Clippers beat the Phoenix Suns behind Paul George‘s 41 point performance. The Clippers started off strong after having a huge 36 point first quarter to take a 10 point lead. From there Chris Paul and his Suns did bring the game extremely close but the Clippers pulled away again.

Deandre Ayton wasn’t as aggressive as he has been in the playoffs. Also the Suns backcourt was just not as efficient as the Clippers stars were.

A tight and competitive playoff game like this one is sure to bring out some gems and interesting moments. One of them came from the comical antics of Patrick Beverly

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What Did Patrick Beverly Do?

With 5:56 left in the 3rd quarter, the Los Angeles Clippers were up by 9 points. Chris Paul had the ball with Beverly guarding him. Deandre Ayton sets a pick on Beverly and Beverly tries to go through the screen. In doing so, he comes in close contact with Chris Paul who notices the contact and pulls up for the shot. He drew the foul but added a little bit of theatrics to completely sell it. Safe to say Patrick Beverly found that hilarious. 

Did Chris Paul Flop?

NBA star Chris Paul flops

Chris Paul is a player who has the Highest Basketball IQ we have ever seen. His impact is more than just the stats. He knows how score whilst also how to involve his other teammates. However, he does have a track record of going over the top to get a foul call. It isn’t just him a lot of the players in the NBA exploit the soft officiating of the modern game.

Paul’s team was down by 9 and they needed to cut down the lead. He was fouled but definitely added more pizzazz to try to get a flagrant.

Patrick Beverly is one of those pests and annoying players if you’re playing against him. He’ll get in your face and talk trash and his reaction is something we all expected from him. The Clippers did not play Beverly much in the series vs Dallas and also picked up 2 DNP’s in Game 6 and 7. His play time however, has increased since Kawhi‘s injury and has been a good defensive presence in his absence. He was also responsible for why Devin Booker is wearing that face mask and struggling.

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