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Throwback to When Brad Stevens Dismissed Trae Young’s Greatness



Trae Young

Trae Young is the point guard for the Atlanta Hawks . Trae Young is now an NBA All-Star and a young gun-carrying the future of the league on his shoulders. Trae’s rise as a villain began in the 2021 playoffs. In round one, the Atlanta Hawks were up against the New York Knicks. Young received a ton of hate from the Knicks fans and still managed to freeze them over with a calm and composed mind. The Hawks made it all the way to the Conference Finals but were eliminated by the Milwaukee Bucks. 

Rayford Young Shares  A Throwback Picture of Son, Trae Young

At the young age of 22, Trae Young is already dominating the league. The villain of the NBA has come a long way since his draft. The postseason this year saw Ice Trae put up a stellar performance every time he stepped on the court. Young also had his father, Rayford in the stands cheering him on. Rayford Young is extremely proud of his son and has been supportive of him ever since Trae touched a basketball

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 Papa Young took to Twitter to share a picture of his son when he was still a mere 14 year Kid. Rayford Young has been hyping his son up for a really long time. He shared the moment when he asked Daniel Ainge and Brad Stevens to keep a lookout for his son. He told them how someday, Trae would be an All-Star. Both coaches Stevens and Daniel gave Ice Trae some kind words of encouragement. Little did the two Celtics front office members know at that moment they were taking a picture with the Villain of the NBA.

It is only safe to assume that if the two men had known Trae’s full potential at the time, the Boston Celtics lineup would look completely different with a playmaker like Trae Young. Young finished the 2021 post-season with 28.2 points, 2.8 rebounds and 9.5 assists per game.

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