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“I would’ve kicked his ass out”-Shaquille O’Neal Has Some Heavy Criticism For Ben Simmons



Shaquille O'neal

Shaquille O’Neal is one of the greatest Centers to step foot on a basketball court. he has been someone who has done remarkable things for the Lakers and the Heats. His game ethic is not cowardly at all. Post his retirement, Shaq has always been a part of the ESPN post-game show, where he makes his comments about the game.

Shaq did the same after Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals. The Atlanta Hawks beat the Philadelphia 76ers 103-96. Shaq had words for one player specifically, Ben Simmons.

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Ben Simmons

Shaquille O’Neal is disappointed with Ben Simmons Game 7 performance

Ben Simmons was a total disappointment in the last few games for the 76ers. Ben lacked confidence on both ends of the court. Simmons passed open a wide-open lay-up, which was the turning point of the game. Ben Simmons was not doing much of the scoring, he had only five points in game 7. He also had not taken a single shot in the fourth quarter in the last four games.

Post The loss, Shaq was in conversation with Kenny Smith on ESPN. He had some harsh words for Ben Simmons. It was clear that Shaq was filled with Disgust.  Shaq went on to say,