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Summer League: Cade Cunningham and Jalen Green Ball in the Battle of the First and Second Draft Picks



Cade Cunningham Jalen Green

With the Summer League going on, it’s a great time for new players to show what they got. Jalen Green and Cade Cunningham are doing just that. Cade was drafted No. 1 overall by the Detroit Pistons while Green was picked second by the Houston Rockets. Both these teams had one of their worst NBA seasons and got lottery picks. They are looking to build around these young stars and seek redemption. In the matchup of these two, both of them had a great game.

Cade Cunningham and Jalen Green, superstars in the making

In the game between the Houston Rockets and Detroit Pistons, the Rockets had a blowout win even though Cunningham played exceptionally well. Cade had 20 points while Jalen added 25 for the Rockets. After the departure of James Harden, the Rockets looked lost. The arrival of Jalen Green is supposedly a ray of light for Houston. Cade Cunningham on the other hand is on a Pistons squad that has been on a downward spiral since their last playoff appearance in 2016. They are hoping Cade could be the answer to most of their problems.

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Both the Rockets and Pistons have a great place in the history of the league. The Pistons were the ‘Bad Boys’ of the 80s and even locked down the legendary Michael Jordan. Rockets too had their share of a good run when they became back-to-back champions defeating the New York Knicks in ’94 and the Orlando Magic in ’95. They are looking to go back to their good old days after struggling to make the playoffs this season.

Jalen Green is not so happy with being the second pick

Jalen Green said he got a chip on his shoulder after the game. He said “He’s a good player, he battled back, yeah I mean, I have respect for him. So that’s what we do, we come on the court we battle every time. It was a good game overall”, when he was asked about his matchup with Cade  There is no beef between them at present, but it is inevitable as most fans see it. From Green’s comments, we are sure that he expected to be picked first. Being drafted second really didn’t feel that pleasing to Jalen green. 

“My chip is surely big, it started out at draft night when I got drafted No. 2. I felt I was No. 1”

He was really confident after they blew out Cade and the Pistons and really had the bragging rights here. But this is only their first matchup in the NBA, there are years to look forward to. Any analysis or conclusion now is a really stupid move to make. w can surely expect a new rivalry here with these 2 in the future. 

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