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Toronto Raptors vs Philadelphia 76ers Playoff History: Previous Matchups, Records, and Rivalries

The Toronto Raptors came into existence in 1995 as an expansion team. Since then, they have made 13 playoff appearances and won 1 NBA title. They are one of the ‘youngest’ franchises to win an NBA title. Whereas the Philadelphia 76ers have been around since the 1949-50 season. In that time they’ve made 52 playoff appearances and won 3 NBA titles.

However, how do these teams with such different histories compare with one another?

Toronto Raptors vs Philadelphia 76ers: Playoff records

All-time stats in the playoffs Toronto Raptors Philadelphia 76ers
Wins  9 11
Losses 11 9


NBA Playoffs Date Matchup Final Score Series 
2001 Playoffs 6th May, 2001 Toronto at Philly  96-93 Toronto Lead Series 1-0
2001 Playoffs 9th May, 2001 Toronto at Philly 92-97 Philly Tie Series 1-1
2001 Playoffs 11th May, 2001 Philly at Toronto 78-102 Toronto Lead Series 2-1
2001 Playoffs 13th May, 2001 Philly at Toronto 84-79 Philly Tie Series 2-2
2001 Playoffs 16th May, 2001 Toronto at Philly 88-121 Philly Lead Series 3-2
2001 Playoffs 18th May, 2001 Philly at Toronto 89-101 Toronto Tie Series 3-3
2001 Playoffs 20th May, 2001 Toronto at Philly 87-88 Philly Win Series 4-3
2019 Playoffs 27th April, 2019 Philly at Toronto 95-108 Toronto Lead Series 1-0
2019 Playoffs 29th April, 2019 Philly at Toronto 94-89 Philly tie series 1-1
2019 Playoffs 2nd May, 2019 Toronto at Philly 95-116 Philly Lead Series 2-1
2019 Playoffs 5th May, 2019 Toronto at Philly 101-96 Toronto Tie Series 2-2
2019 Playoffs 7th May, 2019 Philly at Toronto 89-125 Toronto Lead Series 3-2
2019 Playoffs 9th May, 2019 Toronto at Philly 101-112 Philly Tie Series 3-3
2019 Playoffs 12th May, 2019 Philly at Toronto 90-92 Toronto Win Series 4-3
2022 Playoffs 16th April, 2022 Toronto at Philly 111-131 Philly Lead Series 1-0
2022 Playoffs 18th April, 2022 Toronto at Philly 97-112 Philly Lead Series 2-0
2022 Playoffs 20th April, 2022 Philly at Toronto 104-101 Philly Lead Series 3-0
2022 Playoffs 23rd April, 2022 Philly at Toronto 102-110 Philly Lead Series 3-1
2022 Playoffs 25th April, 2022 Toronto at Philly 103-88 Philly Lead Series 3-2
2022 Playoffs 28th April, 2022 Philly at Toronto 132-97 Philly Win Series 4-2


The Toronto Raptors and the Philadelphia 76ers have met each other 3 times in the NBA playoffs. In the 2001 playoffs, 2019 playoffs, and 2022 playoffs. The lack of playoff matchups has been due to multiple reasons.

One of them has been because their primes did not match up. When the 76ers were good, the Raptors were not, and vice versa. Another reason has been because one of them got knocked out before they ever matched up. 

In those 2 series, the Raptors and 76ers have both picked up wins. The 76ers beat the Toronto Raptors in the 2001 NBA Eastern Conference semi-finals. The series ended in a dramatic 1-point win in Game 7. There could not have been a closer result than that. 


At least that’s what we thought. About 18 years later, these teams met again in the playoffs for the 2nd time in franchise history. The situations were similar with both teams in Game 7 of the eastern conference semifinals. However, this time Kawhi Leonard made the series ending shot to give the Raptors the win. 


They had a tied number of games in the NBA playoffs with 7 each. However, in the 2022 NBA playoffs, these teams have met each other again and Philadelphia won in game 1 giving them the narrow lead in the all-time head to head.

Key matchups from the past

Allen Iverson vs Vince Carter:

In the 2001 NBA playoffs, the 1st seed Philadelphia 76ers had one of the most exciting series against the Toronto Raptors. The series went to 7 games which Philly won by just 1 point. The matchup to watch in that series was Vince Carter against Allen Iverson.

Allen Iverson vs Vince Carter I Philadelphia 76ers vs Toronto Raptors

In this series, Vince Carter averaged 30 points, 6 rebounds, 6 assists, 2 blocks, and 2 steals. But he was outshined by MVP Allen Iverson who averaged 34 points, 7 assists, 3 steals, and took home the series. Allen Iverson had 2 games against the Raptors where he scored over 50 points in that series in a dominating fashion. 

Kawhi Leonard vs Jimmy Butler:

In 2019, these teams played each other again in the eastern conference semi-finals. It looked like history would be repeating itself with another series going to 7 games. But this time the Toronto Raptors were the higher seed and had a storybook season. 

Philadelphia 76ers vs Toronto Raptors

Jimmy Butler averaged a team-high 22 points per game while being backed up by Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons, who should’ve done a lot more. Kawhi Leonard took no mercy on them. He averaged 35 points and 10 rebounds whilst breaking the hearts of Philly fans and scoring the greatest shot we’ve seen in the playoffs. 

Toronto beat the 76ers and went on to win their first-ever NBA title.

Toronto Raptors vs Philadelphia 76ers: Current season matchup

The 76ers are the 4th seed and the Raptors are the 5th seed making them play against each other in the first round of the NBA playoffs. This season, the Raptors have beaten the 76ers in 3 out of the 4 games played in the regular season. The Raptors have a better defensive efficiency rating than the 76ers this season but the Sixers are better offensively.


Joel Embiid is one of the leaders in the MVP race and added a former MVP in James Harden to the roster. Whereas the Raptors are showing a combined effort in their success. The overwhelming favorites of this series are the 76ers but if they slack even a little bit, there would be no surprise in the Raptors pulling off the upset.

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