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NBA Trade : Boston Celtics Could be a Possible Destination for Dennis Schroder



Dennis Schroder Trade

Dennis Schroder was the starting point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers last season. Schroder started as well as came off the bench for the Lakers switching with Alex Caruso whenever required. The two proved to be a good guard combo for the Lakers’ small-ball line-up. He averaged 15,4 points,3.5 rebounds, and 5.8 assists last season. He started all the sixty-one games that he played for the Lakers last season.

Dennis Schroder was offered a one-year deal by the Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics are seeing to fill their point guard depth with a “low risk, high reward player”, so they stated. Naturally, Schroder is a good fit for them and is also a free agent. Earlier this off-season, the Lakers offered Schroder a 4-year $84 million extension, which he let go.

He expected a $100-120 million contract during free agency and decided to wait. Although it is no money like the $84 million the Lakers offered him, Schroder has quite some money on the table from the Celtics.

Since last week, Boston has started showing more interest in Schroder. This is because other high-level options like Patty Mills, Malik Monk have already been taken. Celtics’ manager Brad Stevens chose to save some cap flexibility for 2022 while working on trades like Kemba Walker and Tristan Thompson.

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Dennis Schroder had an unpleasant end to his season as the Lakers lost in the playoffs. An upgrade to the Lakers guard rotation from last season, Schroder underdelivered in the Lakers’ short post-season run this year. As soon as the Lakers signed Russell Westbrook, it was obvious that Schroder was being let go. Among all the point guard deals that took place this off-season, Schroder was pretty much left behind.

Reports suggest that the Celtics would offer Schroder a full mid-level exception deal of around $9 million dollars. Schroder could either start in the Celtics alongside Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, and Al Horford. If he doesn’t start his games, he could definitely provide offensive assistance coming off the bench.

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