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NBA Trade: Damian Lillard Hints Which Team He Would Prefer Back in 2017



Damian Lillard

Damian Lillard is an all-NBA and all-star player who has a trait that other stars in the modern NBA lack. Loyalty. He’s been in the Portland uniform for his whole career. Dame is a top-2 point guard in the league second only to Stephen Curry. That obviously makes him a really attractive commodity. However, he’s a rare breed of that Kobe Bryant/Tim Duncan Mentality. That makes him virtually untouchable.

But every year with his shortcomings in the Playoffs his name creeps up in trade talks.

Will Damian Lillard leave Portland?

Damian seems to be like ‘one team for life’ type player. Unless something goes really bad in the organization, its highly unlikely he leaves. There was recent news of how he wanted Jason Kidd and not Chauncey Billups to be his new head coach. That made him upset but not to the point of him wanting to leave.

But if Dame wanted to leave where would he go? Damian Lillard is very interactive with his fans. Be it in real life or on social media. One of those instances is when he replied to a hypothetical question posed by a fan of his. 

The Utah Jazz and the Los Angeles Lakers. Both teams bowed out early from this postseason and would become guaranteed title winners.

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How would Dame fit on the Jazz?

Damian on Portland

The Utah Jazz have an amazing defense with Rudy Gobert as the anchor, the shooting to help space the floor and one of the best young stars. But the main reason they’re sitting at home and are not playing in WCF is  their offence. And that’s what Damian Lillard brings. He averaged 34 points, 10 assists on 45% from the 3 and 94% from the Free throw line. His entire play stems from his elite offence. 

The partnership of Dame and Mitchell will be a genuine upgrade over C.J. And with D Wade always in his ears seems almost perfect for Dame. 

How would Lillard play on the Lakers?

Damian Lillard and LeBron James

If the Los Angeles Lakers somehow manage to snag the signature of Damian Lillard, its over for the NBA. The Lakers were already heavy title contenders without him, and with him they would be the overwhelming favorites. LeBron James, Damian Lillard and Anthony Davis on one team? That could be the best trio of all time. 

Damian Lillard needs to win a championship to cement his legacy. And unfortunately it won’t be possible whilst he’s in Portland. The Trail Blazers are small-market team where stars don’t join. And with them always being on the cusp of playoffs they can never build through the draft. They are in a No Man’s land situation and it’s unlikely they leave that place any time soon. 

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