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NBA Trades: Derrick Rose’s Wife Finally Responds to the LA Lakers Trade Rumors

In the absence of basketball, trade rumors and surprising moves make the offseason just as interesting. With negotiations going on between teams and players, several major franchises are gearing up for the 2020-21 NBA season by making the right moves. In the pursuit of defending their championship, LA Lakers are involved in negotiations with the Detroit Pistons to acquire Derrick Rose. Although he didn’t address these rumors formally, his wife made it clear that it had been a topic of conversation in the Rose household.

LA Lakers were reportedly interested in a trade last season, however, Kyle Kuzma at the time was too good of an asset to let go of for Derrick Rose. While the Lakers offered Alex Caruso for Derrick Rose in February before the last Trade Deadline, Detroit Pistons refused and the negotiation died down.

Derrick Rose Wife

The rumors of a trade deal between the Detroit Pistons and LA Lakers have resurfaced this offseason, with LA showing genuine interest in acquiring Derrick Rose. While he yet to comment on his offseason moves, his wife took a completely different approach. Derrick Rose’s wife Alaina reacted to an Instagram post about the LA Lakers trade with multiple laughing emoji. While the response doesn’t accept or deny the rumors, it is clear that Detroit Pistons are not keen on retaining Derrick rose.

What do the Lakers have to offer in return for Derrick Rose?

Rose is currently playing off the bench in Detroit averaging 18.1 points and 5.6 assists per game, and still quite injury prone. He will be a backup point guard for the LA Lakers if the trade is successful. LeBron and Rose have gone back and forth multiple times in their prime, with Bron emerging victorious every time before Derrick Rose’s career-threatening injury.

After a series of meniscus tears and knee injuries, the youngest MVP in the history of NBA is limited to a role player being juggled between teams. Although the February trade deal didn’t come to fruition, the Lakers and Pistons are once again giving it a try this offseason.

Kyle Kuzma

With Rajon Rondo and KCP opting out of the extension-option to test the market, LA Lakers desperately need a backup point guard however, they may not have a lot to offer. Their unwillingness to give up Kyle Kuzma last season was the reason why Derrick Rase stayed in Detroit. However, his value has gone down tremendously after a lackluster performance in the playoffs. Kuzma’s efficiency took a sharp dip with the addition of Anthony Davis, and with that, his trade value went down as well.

Whether or not the Pistons are still interested in Kuzma is a mystery but trading Rose for him would be a big mistake unless the Lakers have something else to offer.

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