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Novak Djokovic Is More Popular Than Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer Among Other Tennis Players



Novak Djokovic at Wimbeldon 2021

Dominik Hrbaty shared his take on Novak Djokovic during an interview with a Slovakian tabloid.

The retired Slovakian player stated that he hit it off with the World No.1 during his tennis career. He went on to say that Djokovic was very friendly with everyone including other players in the locker room.

Dominik Hrbaty with Novak Djokovic

Dominik Hrbaty with Novak Djokovic Picture credits: Pravda

During his talk with the tabloid Pravda, Hrbaty said- “Very friendly and fun. I have the best experience with Novak. In his presence, one feels only good.” Adding on to his take on the Serbian athlete’s congenial personality, former tennis champ stated-                                                           “Because he always did the most for others. When someone needs to stand up, he is always in the front line. The others see it; When the players had to choose someone to represent them, he won the most votes.”

Djokovic along with Nadal and Federer

Djokovic along with Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer

Hrbaty went on to assert that Novak was by far the most popular among the Big three which includes Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.

Dominic Hrbaty reached his career high of World ranking- 12, known for his win over the Big Three– Federer, Djokovic and Nadal in the very first game he played against them. He retired from professional tennis in 2014, but currently coaches Slovakian player Martin Klizan.

Novak Djokovic’s title open draw still uncertain

The Serbian tennis pro was finally included in the Australian open earlier today. This decision comes after Novak received his medical exemption followed by permission to compete in the Grand slam. 

The top seed is set to compete against a fellow Serbian player, Miomir Kecmanovic. However, the draw is still not entirely approved of, as the Minister of Immigration, Alex Hawke’s decision is awaited regarding the same. He previously claimed he still considers to cancel Djokovic’s vis and deport him for the breach of COVID protocols.

Although Novak received a medical exemption with regards to mandatory vaccination and consent to play the Grand slam, he continues to receive resentment and hostility by the population of the country.  His verdict of last week was treated with an immense uproar by the people of Australia where majority of them are double vaccinated.

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