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Numbers Suggest LeBron James Could Crack the Top 5 Position on the All-Time Steals List by the End of His Career



LeBron James

LeBron James, entering his year 19 and yet still at the top of his game. Today, against the Atlanta Hawks, he recorded 4 steals and entered the all-time top 10 steals list. The King surpassed Alvin Robertson and now has 2,113 steals. Even though he has just entered the list, he can still rise up to the top 5. The 4-time champion currently averages 1.6 steals per game and this year he has bumped up to 1.8 steals. With his longevity and good health, James might crack the top five in steals.


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Where LeBron James ranks in all-time points, rebounds, assists, and blocks


LeBron James is the only current player who is threatening the record of Kareem Abdul Jabbar. With a career average of 27 points per game, his target is closer than ever. He is currently placed at 3rd in the all-time scoring list behind Karl Malone. Kareem is right now sitting at 38,387 points and LeBron has 36,138, he has to score 2,249 points in order to dethrone Jabbar.


The King has always been known as a pass-first player. His court vision is exceptional and always provides his teammate an open look. He led the league in assists in the 2019-20 season with 10.2 assists per game.

Since joining the Lakers he has redefined his game and became a Point Guard. Even though John Stockton leads the assists leader board by a mile with 15,806 assists, LeBron will most likely creep up in the top 5. Currently, he is 8th on the list with 9,872 assists and needs 15 assists to overtake Oscar Roberton for 7th rank in all-time assists.


This is one of the categories where LeBron won’t be able to touch the top 10 ranks as it is dominated by centers. He is currently at 42nd rank with 9,950 rebounds. However, he will become the only player to reach the 38k points and 10k in assists and rebounds Which speaks to his all-around greatness and his longevity.


The King is one of the greatest chase-down blockers this game has ever seen. We can remember the 2017 finals, Game 7 block on Iguodala. Regardless of his shot-blocking ability, he is far down the list with 1,012 blocks and averages 0.8 blocks per game.