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Overwatch Players Criticize Creators For Favoring PC Players After Company Introduces Crossplay




Did you know that crossplay was added to Overwatch this week? For the first time since the game’s 2016 release, you may now link up with console/PC friends. Get into any mode if you’re a PC player, you’ve probably been playing alongside console gamers without even realising it.

It’s difficult to distinguish between PC and console gamers.

It’s very difficult to identify whether people in your lobby are using a different platform, and the rules for when platforms can interact are far more convoluted than in almost any other crossplay game.

This is already generating some consternation in the neighbourhood. The most prevalent misconception thus far occurs when console gamers play alongside PC players and are pleasantly surprised to find that the game is still balanced against mouse-and-keyboard users. In truth, most of these gamers aren’t even playing against PC players; they only assume they are due to Overwatch’s confusing UI.

Cross-platform in Overwatch - YouTube

When matching begins, console gamers cannot match up against PC players unless they have a PC companion in their party. Any organisation that includes PC participants is immediately added to the “PC pool” .The PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and Nintendo Switch are the only consoles that may be used by different types of players or groups.

To make matters worse, Overwatch doesn’t provide any of these matchmaking data in the game itself—you’ll have to consult a dedicated FAQ to find out what’s going on. On the scoreboard or elsewhere on the post-match screen, there is no evidence of a crossplay presence. To find the small crossplay icon next to player names, go to the Social menu and check for it. The sign does not indicate the platform they are using; it just indicates that they are not using yours.

 PC  players have a distinct edge over those on other platforms in Overwatch.

It’s difficult to see any console player having a nice time in the PC pool. It is especially because the one benefit the controller normally has, aim assist, is turned off by default. Console users may avoid the PC crowds and take advantage of the newly enlarged player base. Even still, for players on Nintendo Switch, Overwatch’s  least popular platform, this can be an issue.

Crossplay is still in its early stages, and no one knows what Blizzard has in store for the player base, but there are several issues that the community wants the developers to smooth out.

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