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Report: WWE Extremely Interested in Signing AEW Star Wardlow



WWE interested in rising AEW Stars

Reports broke last month about WWE being interested in signing AEW Star MJF. Now, popular and reliable Twitter source WrestleVotes have reported that ‘WWE is very interested in luring Wardlow away from AEW once his contract has expired.’ Wardlow is MJF’s personal storyline muscle. 

Wardlow’s recent work with CM Punk is much appreciated in the WWE management. WrestleVotes reports ‘There are several people within WWE who LOVE is potential.’ Fans have likened Wardlow to former WWE Superstar Batista, due to his size and powerbomb style offense.

Wardlow: I want to be an AEW Lifer

Wardlow recently spoke with PW Insider this week: “In 10 or 20 years, I am going to be so excited and proud to look back and say that I was one of the AEW originals and that means so much to me because my career started, obviously I did some indies, but the world didn’t know me. As far as the world knows my career started with AEW and it’s going to end with AEW, and I look forward to accomplishing and growing as much as humanly possible and reach the stars throughout the next 10 years.” 

He further added, “Very, very happy with AEW and the way I’m treated and just how the whole company is run head-to-toe.”

AEW promoted this heavily on their Twitter channel which was met with widespread criticism. WrestleVotes responded to the tweet by saying ‘Why y’all telling this though?’ The tweet has portrayed AEW in a negative light with some fans calling out the company for being defensive. 

Do you think WWE will be able to lure Wardlow or MJF in the future? We all know one match we want to see – The Miz vs MJF. Perhaps ‘The Forbidden Door’ will take care of that problem.

Wardlow and MJF: Trouble in Paradise?

Wardlow wrestled CM Punk last night at AEW Dynamite in a losing effort. After the match, MJF went crazy at Wardlow and started berating him with words. Wardlow then grabbed MJF’s hand and seemed to be losing his cool until Shawn Spears hit the ring and calmed things down between the two. 

Wardlow and MJF appear to be on a collision course. It will be interesting to see how this story develops further.