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Riot Games Handing Out Exciting Gifts and Cards in Celebration of Valorant’s One Year Anniversary



Riot Games is celebrating Valorant’s one-year anniversary in a spectacular fashion. Valorant, which was published about a year ago quickly acquired popularity in the PC online gaming community because the game rewards strong technical talent. It is primarily focused on quick reactions and accurate targeting. Valorant is a free-to-play first-person tactical shooter available only on PC. The game has been also named ‘CS: GO meets Overwatch,’. It was named so because it combines the main gameplay elements of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with Overwatch-style characters with distinctive skills.

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Presents for Valorant players from Riot

Riot Games is hosting a couple of weeks’ party for VALORANT to honor its first birthday. The YR1 event is a collection of events and activities in which players can participate and earn various incentives.

Players can gain things with a Community battle pass and a free YR1 event pass, return to the Night Market, vote on the skins they want to see return in a Give Back package, and more.

Aside from that, players can obtain three YR1 special edition player cards commemorating Episodes One, Two, and Three of VALORANT. You can’t get all three at once, but it doesn’t appear to be too difficult.

What to Do to get Your YR1 Limited Edition Cards on Riot Games

The First Valorant card

The first card, commemorating Episode One, will be available via code redemption on June 9. On June 9, visit the VALORANT code redemption page and input the code YR1.” As of June 2, the code redemption page is currently down due to the surge of traffic from gamers attempting to obtain the Duality card, so don’t bother trying until June 9.

The Second Valorant card

The second card will be released on June 14 “through a special YR1 Prime Gaming Drop.” On June 14, any Prime Gaming member, which includes any Amazon Prime member, will be able to obtain this card from the Prime Drops area. On Twitch’s homepage, there is a loot icon on the right side of the top toolbar, but you can also navigate directly to the Prime Gaming loot website.

The Third Valorant card

The third card, which celebrates episode 3, has no date, but is part of the event pass YR1. The YR1 event pass is a free battle pass containing seven levels, including the Three Episode. The pass is live from June 22 to July 6, and gives you the final card for two weeks.

Play with your squad and boost your Valorant XP

Riot Games has developed many Year One events and features to give back to fans and commemorate VALORANT’s fantastic first year. Squad Boost is one of these features, which offers XP boosts to gamers that play with their teammates from June 22 to July 26.


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