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Rose Namajunas Explains Her Bizarre Gameplan Against Carla Esparza, Responds to Fans’ Criticism after UFC 274


After one of the most boring title fights in UFC history, Rose Namajunas and Carla Esparza have received tons of criticism from the fight fans.

Both Namajunas and Esparza landed a combined total of 67 significant strikes in a 5 round title fight. Rose Namajunas, who is usually involved in exciting fights, came up with a bizarre game plan for the rematch against Carla Esparza.

Now an argument can be made in favor of Rose Namajunas winning the fight against Carla Esparza. But, it’s needless to say that not a lot of fans are focusing on the judges’ decision after a lackluster co-main event.

However, Rose Namajunas is not discouraged after the criticism from the fans. In fact, she is proud that she was able to stick to her game plan. In the post-fight press conference, Rose Namajunas explained why she chose to be more cautious than ever before inside the UFC octagon.

“I don’t know how many times she tried to grab me but really, I don’t get no credit for good defense? I think maybe the judges just wanted to see a slugfest like it was in previous fights or something so they weren’t appreciative of good strategy, but like I said, I’m always in exciting fights. I can’t have a strategic fight? I’ve got to f*** up this face? No. F*** that.”

Carla Esparza beats Rose Namajunas at UFC 274
Carla Esparza beats Rose Namajunas at UFC 274. (Images via Twitter)

Rose Namajunas details her strategy for the Carla Esparza rematch at UFC 274

It’s needless to say that Rose Namajunas is a fan favorite and rightfully so. She has put on exciting fights inside the octagon on numerous occasions. And that’s why she believes that the reason fans were booing during the fight was Carla Esparza.

“I had to be a little more safe. That’s a decision I made in that moment, but like I said, I’m an exciting fighter. I’m a finisher. I’ve got one of the highest finishing rates, so I don’t think that I was getting the boos. I’m pretty sure that was Carla.”- Namajunas stated

Even though Carla Esparza won the fight it can still be said that Rose Namajunas is a better fighter than Esparza. She landed the more significant strikes and was able to nullify Esparza’s wrestling. However, she needed to be more offensive with her approach and that’s what ultimately cost her the fight.

An immediate rematch between the two is highly unlikely. But, it won’t be surprising to see Namajunas fighting for the title in the near future.

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